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Country of origin: Germany
Year of origin: 2021
Duration: 9:44
Age Restriction: 6+


Name/Title: Thomas Stellmach


Director: Thomas Stellmach
Script: Thomas Stellmach, Paul Driessen
Animation: Nancy Bens, Kris Van Alphen
Music: Beo Brockhausen
Producer: Thomas Stellmach, Ignace Collin


Comedy, Action



The Sausage Run

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⁣An animated short film which, with the help of multiple Zoetropes, tells the tragic story of a little lamb, loosely based on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale.
The Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale provides the main storyline. However, the roles of the humans and animals are exchanged: the human characters in the film are depicted as anthropomorphous animals. The animal in the story, the big bad wolf, is here a human being.

Little Red Riding Hood’s family consists of the mother sheep, the lamb (Little Red Riding Hood) and a grandfather sheep. The forester and his wife are dogs with a soft spot for sausages. The wolf, a butcher, is a man with a serious problem - he has run out of meat.

The visual implementation is unusual. The story takes place in Zoetropes. This is a historical optical and rather primitive device that displays sequences of drawn images in motion. It’s an invention from the 19th century and a forerunner of film technology.

The protagonists conduct their lives in five separate Zoetropes. The camera zooms in on to one of the devices and the picture, animated on the Zoetrope’s paper strips, comes to life. A coherent story is created through the cinematic stringing together of the action in the various zoetropes.

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