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Original title of the film: Věčnost
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Year of origin: 2018
Duration: 3:52
Age Restriction: 12+


Name/Title: Yeaeun Jang


Director: Yeaeun Jang
Animation: Yeaeun Jang
Camera: Yeaeun Jang
Music: Yeaeun Jang(composer), Martin Švec(percussionist)
Sound: Marek Mrkvička(mixing, mastering)
Editing: Yeaeun Jang
Producer: Yeaeun Jang


Experimental, Abstract, Surrealism, Artistic, Mystery, Philosophical




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Jena Jang


⁣⁣The story follows a point of view of satellite that observes a human eternity closely. Human beings experience very similar things repeatedly in life:
A report from the satellite;
1) Birth: A beginning of everything
2) Development: Human grows from mother nature.
3) Violence: Brutality is repeatedly going in a human eternity.
4) Power of the Pyramid: Caste and Slavery.
5) Lightness and Heaviness: Yin and Yang, and Plus and Minus.
6) Imagination: Experience, knowledge, consciousness, and unconsciousness.
7) Emotions: Happiness, anger, sadness, and depression.

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2020 MM Fest (The International Animation Project Multi-Bridge), Serbia
2020 <International Student Animated Film Animafantasia Festival 2020>, Lassy, Romania
2020 <UWPG Film Festival>, Winnipeg, Canada
2020 <Bolton International Film Festival>, Bolton, United Kingdom
2020 <Locked in Film Festival (A Film Festival In Quarantine)>, Copenhagen, Denmark
2020 <The Lift-Off Sessions>, Iver Heath, United Kingdom
2019 <Simultan Festival>, Timisoara, Romania
2019 <Chihuahua International Film Festival>, Mexico
2019 <Leytonstone Loves Film>, London, United Kingdom
2019 <MoziMotion>, Netherlands
2019 <BIDEODROMO International Experimental Film and Video Festival>, Bilbao, Spain
2019 <Short Stop International Film Festival>, Iasi, Romania
2019 <Cartoon Club>, Italy
2019 <Festival de Cine Independiente de Sogamoso>, Colombia
2019 <Kinolikbez>, Saint-Petersberg, Russia
2019 <Dolgoji Experimental Shorts>, Seoul, South Korea
2019 <Cefalù Film Festival>, Palermo, Italy
2019 <18th International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films>, Varna, Bulgaria
2019 <Anifilm International Animated Film Festival>,Třeboň, Czechia
2019 <Music Shorts Film Festival>, United States
2019 <First-Time Filmmaker Sessions April>, United Kingdom
2019 <MOHA Short Film Night>, Budapest, Hungary
2019 <45th Mladá kamera, Uničov, Czechia
2019 <Chronic Youth Film Festival>, London, United Kingdom
2019 <Stop Motion Our Fest>, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2019 <Festival internacional de Cine Indígena y Afrodescendiente>, Mexico
2019 <Webisode Film Festival>, Texas, United States
2018 <Inshort Film Festival 2018>, Lagos, Nigeria
2018 <Paraná Films Festival (1o), Paraná>, Entre Rios, Argentina
2018 <Festival Insternacional de Cinema da Fronteira>, Brazil
2018 <Il Cineclub dei Piccoli>, Palermo, Italy
2018 <The Unforeseen - International festival of experimental>, Belgarde, Serbia
2018 <All Negre - Festival de Animacion Junior>, Barcelona, Spain
2018 <Panama Animation Festival>, Panamá, Panama
2018 <Animateka International Animated Film Festival>, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2018 <Lobo Fest - Festival Internacional de Filmes>, Brasiília, Brazil
2018 <Guiar - Screendance International Festival>, Pernambuco, Brazil
2018 <Women Of The Lens Festival>, London, United Kingdom
2018 <ASA Humanitarian Film Festival>, Weimar, Germany
2018 <Korea Independent Animation Film Festival>, Seoul, South Korea
2018 <Muestra Movimiento Audiovisual>, Guadalajara, Mexico
2018 <Open World Animation Festival>, Allentown, PA, United States

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