PRO Account


The T-Short platform is not an ordinary video hosting and one of our goals is to collect the most interesting and unique, in our opinion, short animated films and music videos in the T-Short Gallery.

To get into the T-Short Gallery, you must have a PRO Account.


PRO Account possibilities

With PRO account you can upload any of your films to the proper category of the T-short Gallery and assign the accessibility to the movies yourself, for example:

you can make paid access to your film and nobody will be able to see them freely available,

at your disposal, complete statistics of films, views, sales, likes, comments, etc.,

you can control the Geo Blocking function to restrict access to movies from any countries.

 Also, having a PRO account, you can watch and rate festival films every year.


How to get an access to the T-Short Gallery?

The users desiring to get to the T-Short Gallery can do this in two ways:

1. Apply for the festival, pass the selection, become a participant of the festival, win a festival prize or diploma, or be selected for further cooperation by the T-Short editorial board and get a PRO account.

2. To buy PRO account 


How much does a PRO Account cost?

The annual subscription to the PRO Account costs 50 EUR.


What are the terms of mutual settlements?

We charge a 10% commission for every movie sold and 10% for every paid channel subscription.


When can I request a withdrawal?

As soon as you have one hundred or more than one hundred euros in your account, you can make a withdrawal request at any time.


From Festival to Gallery

The winners of the festival as well as movies taken part in the festival which haven’t won the prizes but deserving attention in the opinion of T-Short administration, get PRO account and an invitation to T-Short Gallery and films are placed, by the community administration, in a special category of the T-Short Gallery, which cannot be reached without participating in the festival.

The following films can be included in a special category:

1. The best film of the festival gets the prize and PRO account for 5 years.

2. Award winning films gets PRO account for 3 years.

3. Films awarded a festival diploma get PRO account for 2 years.

4. Festival films chosen by the T-Short editors and invited for further cooperation to the T-Short Gallery will get a PRO account for 1 year.


Our recommendations

If you have large number of movies and you are going to fill up your film collection, we would recommend to make a subscription to your channel . However, if you want to place free movies on your channel as well, then a paid subscription to your channel is not suitable for you. 

If you have from one to five movies and don’t plan to fill up the list, you can assign the prices for every film separately when editing the film.

If your movie has free access, you can earn on the commercial placed before the film.


What will happen when the term of use of PRO account expires?

After the expiration of the PRO account, all the films that had been uploaded in the Gallery and shown for the payment during the validity of PRO account remain in the same status. You can upload new films to the Gallery by prolonging PRO account. To do this, you can buy the subscription or to take part in the festival again, to get the festival awards or to be chosen by T-Short administration.



Films uploaded to the Festival and Gallery should be full and finished. Only short animated films for adult audience or for all family, (not only for children audience), up to 25 minutes and musical clips are allowed.  Even if you have PRO account, this doesn’t free you from the rules of T-Short.


Not allowed in T-Short Gallery

To post for fee in the T-Short gallery films that are posted on other resources for free, if this is noticed, the price of the film will be removed.

To post commercials, trailers, teasers, film creation videos, showreels and other materials which are not short animated films (all of this you can post on your T-Short community page).

In case of violation of the above-mentioned rule, inadmissible content will be deleted.


Account deleting

If you have a PRO account and you have already sold a certain number of works, then when you delete your account, your films are also deleted. In this case, you are obliged to refund the purchase price to each purchaser of your works, including 10% that were charged from you.


Important to know!

PRO account is provided only if you agree to participate in T-Short project further.


Best regards,
T-Short Team