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Country of origin: Spain
Year of origin: 2019
Duration: 5:42
Age Restriction: 6+


Name/Title: Escola de Cinema de Barcelona


Director: Aline Romero
Script: Aline Romero, Omar Medina, Natalia Silva, Pau Gros, Tyler Fisher, Lara Maltz
Designer: Tyler Fisher, Omar Medina, Aline Romero
Animation: Aline Romero, Omar Medina, Natalia Silva, Pau Gros, Tyler Fisher, Lara Maltz
Camera: Eduardo Navarro
Music: Gonçal Perales
Editing: Eduardo Sánchez
Producer: Escola de Cinema de Barcelona


Comedy, Horror


Stop-motion, Puppets


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Aline Romero


⁣During a full moon night, a cat is walking on a roof when it listens to music coming from a house, it dares to enter the creepy home and ends trapped. While trying to escape, it will discover the secret that the gramophone hides.

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Sitges International Film Festival, Spain, 2019
Animac, International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia, Spain, 2020
Manzanarec, Film Festival, Spain, 2020
CreatRivas, Film Festival, Spain, 2020
La Guarimba, International Film Festival, Italy, 2020
Vagrant Film Festival, Hrodna Region, 2020
Cinema Lliure, Barcelona, 2020
Warsaw Animation Film Festival, Poland, 2020, Special Mention
Shorts México, International Shortfilm Festival, Mexico, 2020
Reino de León, Film and Television Festival, Spain, 2020
Stop Trik, International Film Festival, Slovenia and Poland, 2020
CineKid Film Festival, Holland, 2020
Fia, Festival Internacional de Animación, Uruguay, 2020
Festival Ecuatoriano de Cine Atuk, Ecuador, 2020
Balkanima, European Animated Film Festival, Serbia, 2020
Stop Motion Festival, SMMX, México, 2020
ReAnima, Bergen International Animation Festival, Noruega, 2020
Pixel Vienna Animation Festival, Austria, 2020
Palm Springs International Animation Festival, USA, 2020
CRASH International Fantastic Film Festival, Brasil, 2020
MICMX Muestra Itinerante de Cine MX, México, 2020
International Zinema Fest, Spain, 2020
Short to the Point, Rumania, 2020
Festival Nacional de Cinema Estudantil de Guaíba, Brasil, 2020
The Animattikon Project, Grecia, 2121
Costa Daurada, Spain, 2021


Special Mention - Warsaw Animation Film Festival, Poland, 2020

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