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Original title of the film: Perszephóné - a tél meséje
Country of origin: Hungary
Year of origin: 2020
Duration: 2:23
Age Restriction: 0+


Name/Title: Rebeka Köves / University of Pécs


Director: Rebeka Köves
Script: Rebeka Köves
Designer: Rebeka Köves
Animation: Rebeka Köves
Camera: Rebeka Köves
Music: Dániel Ludézer
Sound: Dániel Ludézer
Editing: Rebeka Köves
Computer graphics: Rebeka Köves
Producer: Rebeka Köves


Abstract, Artistic, Drama, Fairy tale, Music film


2D Computer

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⁣⁣My animation tells a story about a young girl. She live together her mom. The name is Persephone. This carakter is included the greek mithology. The girl leave his safty place, and started a very excitement adventure. She is kidnapped by the lord of hell, but this is not a failure but an opportunity. Henceforth Persephone is the mistress of the underworld.

Demeter, the goddess of the fertility of the earth and the common child of Zeus, is Persephone. As she walks, she moves away from the eyes of her nymph companions because she sees a particularly beautiful flower. The flower that Hades created. The lord of the underworld wanted the girl as his wife, and the naive Persephone was as easy to control as a thread. The kidnapping was seen only by the sun and the moon, who took it to the mother. Demeter fell into mourning, and the land became barren. Zeus asked his brother to release the girl. Hades, while Persephone gave him a pomegranate seed from the underworld, and whoever eats from the food of the underworld, can never leave it for good. From then on, Persephone spent two-thirds of the year with her mother and one-third with Hades as queen of the underworld.

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