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Original title of the film: Tierra sin Mal
Country of origin: Hungary
Year of origin: 2017
Duration: 3:52
Age Restriction: 0+


Name/Title: Katalin Egely


Director: Katalin Egely
Script: Katalin Egely
Designer: Katalin Egely
Animation: Katalin Egely
Music: Tonolec
Sound: Tonolec
Producer: Diego Perez


Experimental, Artistic, Music video


Stop-motion, Puppets, Cut-outs, Animated Objects

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Katalin Egely


⁣Throughout history, people have always been searching for a perfect place. This short film, based on Guaraní mythology (Tierra sin mal) offers another point of view on paradise: what if the real paradise is inside us and lies in the harmony and unity of everything alive?

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First International Homemade Stop Motion Film Festival (Iran)| best animated shortfilm
Festival Internacional Cine de las Yungas (Argentina) | best shortfilm
Our Fest Festival International de Stop Motion Argentina | best music video
Femme Filmmakers Festival | grand prize
Femme Filmmakers Festival | best original music
Femme Filmmakers Festival | best mixed media
Femme Filmmakers Festival | best visual design
Arte Non Stop Festival Buenos Aires (Argentina) | special mention
Mi Primer Festival- Inernational Film Festival for Kids (Peru) | best animated shortfilm
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival (Japan) | Ishiya award
Open world Animation Festival (US) | best music video
Heritales International Heritage Film Festival (Portugal) | special mention
Veracruz World Film Festival (Mexico) | honorable mention

TOSHIMA Summer Art Festival 2021 in TOKYO (Japan)
Mon Premier Festival (France)
Petit Pavé – Festival de Cinema Independente de Curitiba (Brazil)
First International Homemade Stop Motion Film Festival (Iran)
7th Veracruz World Film Festival (Mexico)
MM Fest (Serbia)
Environmental Film Festival Australia
Festival Ecuatoriano de Cine Atuk (Ecuador)
3rd Annual Orange Coast Environmental Film Festival (US)
43rd Mill Valley Film Festival (US)
Pichikeche Film Festival (Chile)
Cartoon Club (Italy)
14ª Muestra Cine+Video Indígena 2020 (Chile)
Light of the World Film Festival (Russia)
5th Pichikeche International Children’s Film Festival 2020 (Chile)
Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival 2020 (US)
12th International Children’s Film Festival 2019 (Bangladesh)
Shortcutz Brazil (Brazil)
BIFF Bratina International Film Festival of Yakhroma (Russia)
Amarcort Film Festival 2019 – Cantarel (Italy)
Suiker Zolet Film Festival (Netherlands)
26th International Independent Film Festival PUBLICYSTYKA 2019 (Poland)
FDC Kids 2019 – Vlll Muestra de Cine y Naturaleza (Spain)
Animacine IV Festival de Cine de Animación (Brazil)
3rd International Kids Film Festival IKFF (India)
BIT BANG International Animation, Videogames and Digital Art Festival (Argentina)
Louisville Children Film Festival 2019 (US)
Ciné Verdun Montreal (Canada)
2019 Anim!Arte – 15th Intertanional Animation Festival of Brazil (Brazil)
JISFF – Jionville International Short Film Festival (Brazil)
Animator FEST – European Youth Festival of Animated Film (Serbia)
26 Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia (Chile)
12th FilmAid Film Festival (Kenya)
Kino im Künstlerhaus Hannover (Germany)
28th International Film Festival Paraguay (Paraguay)
ANIMA2019 – X. Córdoba International Animation Festival (Argentina)
4th Quito International Film Festival (Ecuador)
ForadCamp 2019 – Muestra de Cine con la Naturaleza (Spain)
First-Time Filmmaker Sessions (UK)
Carrousel international du film de Rimouski (Canada)
Heritales – International Heritage Film Festival (Portugal)
Our Fest (Argentina)
IWFF International Wildlife Film Festival Missoula (US)
Bellingham Film Festival (US)
9th Big Eyes, Big Minds – Singapore International Children’s Film Festival (Singapore)
Children’s Film Festival Seattle (US)
Tenerife International Short Film Festival (Spain)
16th Kalpanirjhar International Short Fiction Film Festival (India)
Festival FILMAR en América Latina (Switzerland)
Carnegie International Cinematheque: Children (US)
Mantova Forest International Film Festival 2018 (Italy)
37th Festival de Cinéma International en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (Canada)
International Animated Film Festival of Madrid – Short and Sweet (Spain)
Festival CINE ANIMAL Bogotá 2018 (Colombia)
KFFK Short Film Festival Cologne (Germany)
Montreal International Documentary Festival (Canada)
Balkanima (Serbia)
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival CICFF (US)
Anim’est (Romania)
Milwaukee Film Festival (US)
9 Picknik Film Festival (Spain)
Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival (Brazil)
Short Film Breaks (Romania)
Rencontres du Film Court Madagascar (Madagascar)
Into The Great Wide Open (Netherlands)
Divercine (Uruguay)
Brasil Stop Motion International Festival (Brasil)
Athens digital Arts Festival (Greece)
Ibicine (Spain)
International Short Film Festival Detmold (Germany)
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (Japan)
La Truca International Animation Festival (Colombia)
Aullido Muestra Internacional de Videoclip (Mexico)
11th Glasgow Short Film Festival (Scotland)
Ojo Loco (France)
CMS International Children’s Film Festival (India)
Ecozine Film Festival (Spain)
Pázmány Film Festival (Hungary)
Little Big Shots Australian International Film Festival for Kids (Australia)
El Ventilador – International Animated Film Festival (Argentina)
Regard Zone Festival – Saguenay International Short Film Festival (Canada)
Mi Primer Festival (Peru)
Aguacate Film Festival (Spain)
Flatpack Festival (UK)
Vientianale Film Festival (Laos)
Chester Animation Film Festival (UK)
MystiCon Independent Film Festival (US)
Best Seconds Video Competitions (Switzerland)
Ekotopfilm (Czech Republic)
SIFFCY (India)
Worlds Smallest Animation Festival (Canada)
VIII. Certamen de Cine Corto de Salas de los Infantes (Spain)
Monstra (Portugal)
Cinélatino de Toulouse (France)
VI Festival Internacional de Cine y Naturaleza “Valle de La Fuenfría” (Spain)
Mira Festival de Cine Latinoaméricano Independiente (Germany)
Cinema Crianza (Spain)
Saint Cloud Film Festival (US)
Video Babel (Peru)
Curtas Film Fest (Spain)
Sun Child International Environment Festival (Yerevan)
Thessaloniki Animation Festival (Greece)
Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards (Taiwan)
Little México Film Festival (Chicago, US)
Reggio Film Festival (Italy)
ReAnimania International Animation Film and Comics Art Festival of Yerevan (Yerevan)
Another Way Film Festival (Spain)
Barcelona Int. Environmental Film Festival (Spain)
El Meu Primer Festival (Spain)
Multivision Festival (Russia)
Festival International del cortometraje FIC (Argentina)
Curtocircuíto (Spain)
Celtic Animation Film Competition (UK)
Tofuzi (Georgia)
Kuki (Berlin)
Portobello Film Festival (UK)
Buffalo International Film Festival (US)
Arte Non Stop Festival International Film and Art festival (Argentina)
Festival Internacional De Cine De La Patagonía (Argentina)
Cinekid Festival (Netherlands)
Locomoción Festival de Animación (Mexico)
Short Cut (Serbia)
Con-Temporary Art Observatorium (Italy)
Caribbean Film Festival and Market (Grand Bahama)
Lanberis Adventure and Mountain Film Festival (UK)
International Envirement Film Festival FICMA (Spain)
Ojo Al Piojo Children Film Festival (Spain)
Full Bloom film Festival (US)
Cartoon Club (Italy)
Viva Film Festival (Sarajevo)
Mequinensa International Film Festival (Spain)
Stop Motion Barcelona (Spain)
Video Art Event (Romania)
Fylde Film Showcase (UK)
Minikino Monthly Sreening and Discussion (Bali)
AM Egypt Film Festival (Egypt)
Ipiales Cine Sin Fronteras (Colombia)
Zlin Int. Film Festival for Children and Youth (Czech Republic)
Sehsuechte Film Festival (Germany)
Skyline International Film Festival (US)
Festival Du Film De Voyage Et D’Aventures Vecues (France)
Zinetxiki International Youth and Children Festival (Spain)
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival showcase (US)
Animakom 2018 (Spain)

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