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Original title of the film: Der Geier
Country of origin: Argentina
Year of origin: 2021
Duration: 2:36
Age Restriction: 12+


Name/Title: Santiago Colombo Migliorero


Director: Santiago Colombo Migliorero
Sound: Aldana Bit
Producer: Santiago Colombo Migliorero


Experimental, Surrealism, Drama, Fantasy



The Vulture



⁣Around 1917 Kafka wrote a note in his diary: "Somebody pulled my clothes, but I shook him off". Some years later, in his short story "The vulture", fate looks inevitable and it is not possible to scape from the torment. A vulture hacks the feet of the main character, who resigned, accepts passively this inevitable destiny.

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Santiago Colombo Migliorero was born in La Plata (Argentina) in 1992. He studied Fine Arts and Sculpture at Universidad Nacional de La Plata and got his degree with the distinction "Joaquín V. González" for the best average of his career.
Since 2012 he has exposed his art works in many collective and individual exhibitions in Argentina, Latin America and Europe as: Proyector' 20 (Madrid), ALC videoart festival (Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art), BAFICI 2015, Itaú Visual Arts Prize 2017 and 2019, Festifreak, Moving Image Biennial, Young Art Biennial 2017 and 2019, Visual Arts Contest of Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Artists’ Cinema 2019, Turku Animated Film Festival (Finland), FIVA, Fantoche Festival (Switzerland), Video Babel (Peru), Cut Out (Mexico), Art Basel Buenos Aires.
In 2017 he received a scholarship for a residency of research and production called Pedaludico about art, ciclism and technology in charge of Fabian Wagmister (professor of the UCLA and founding director of REMAP) at the Recoleta Cultural Centre and CheLA. He also made the "Incubator for Audiovisual and Interactive Projects" at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Arg).
In 2018 was Artist-In-Residency at INVE organised by the International Experimental Video Platform in Valparaíso (Chile). That year he received the "Stimulus award in Sculpture/Object" by Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Arg) and the first prize of the Provincial Exhibition of Young Art of Museo Emilio Pettoruti.
In 2019 he made the Casa Intermitente's Residency in Mar del Plata (Arg) and the Residency "Archives for a Possible Memory" in TACEC (Center of Experimentation and Creation of the Argentinian Theatre).
In 2020 he was selected to create an exhibition project at the Ctibor’s Residency.
Since 2018 has worked as a 3D designer and animator in Ohzi Interactive and currently, he has been working as an exhibition mounter in the Art Center of the UNLP.

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