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Original title of the film: Les petit pois
Country of origin: France
Year of origin: 2022
Duration: 6:30
Age Restriction: 16+


Name/Title: NOVANIMA Productions


Director: Florentine Grelier, Francis Gavelle
Script: Francis Gavelle
Producer: Marc Faye


Experimental, Abstract, Erotic


Pastel on Paper

Green peas



⁣Playful and sensual, sometimes nostalgic, ten women evoke the love of taste and the taste of love.

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Florentine Grelier likes to explore the many possibilities of the frame by frame. Since 2010, she has supervised workshops and taught animation while keeping up her experiments. His multi-technical films have been selected and awarded in many festivals. “My Juke-Box”, a personal and touching film, was selected at the Sundance Festival and received the “ André-Martin Prize” in 2019. After “R.E.M” animated on 16mm and “Pixel Joy” on Nintendo DS, she finished her trilogy of direct, square and purple films with “Green Peas”, a short film drawn with pastel.

2022 – Green Peas
2019 – My Juke-Box
Awards :
43e Annecy International Animation Film Festival (2019)
“André-Martin Prize” - Short Film Category
41e Brussels International Animation Film Festival ANIMA (2020)
Special mention - International Short Film Competition
2014 – Drunk + Birdie Num Num (clip)
2012 – Pixel Joy
2011 – R.E.M.
2009 – Ru

French critic, Francis Gavelle is, since 1998, the producer of a show dedicated to literature, music and cinema for an independant radio (Radio Libertaire). From 2001 to 2011, he worked as member of the Short Film Commission, for the Cannes Film Festival’s Critics’ Week, and was, in 2012, juree of the “Caméra d’or Prize”. Otherwise, he initiated, in 2015, for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, the “André-Martin Prize”.

2022– Les Petits Pois / Green Peas
2015– Cour de récré / Playground (co-directed with Claire Inguimberty)
Awards :
39th Festival du film court en plein air – Grenoble, France (2016)
UniFrance Prize
15th Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF) – Rome, Italy (2016)
Best animated short film Prize

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