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Original title of the film: Kwitnący mózg
Country of origin: Poland
Year of origin: 2022
Duration: 10:05
Age Restriction: 12+


Name/Title: Edyta Adamczak


Director: Edyta Adamczak
Script: Edyta Adamczak
Producer: Małgorzata Bosek-Serafińska


Surrealism, Artistic, Drama, Mystery, Documentary


2D/Traditional, Pencil on Paper

Blooming brain



⁣Ida is on the train. While traveling she loses parts of her body: an arm, a leg. The brain blooms! Fellow passengers don't notice anything. Surreal, poetic metaphor of neurological disease.
The film is dedicated to the Brazilian neurologist Dr. Coimbra and everyone who experiences MS disease (multiple sclerosis).
The film is inspired by the experience of a neurological disease – multiple sclerosis (MS). The concise form of a hand drawn animation illustrates an internal struggle in a metaphorical way – from the attack of the disease, its progress, a feeling od isolation, helplessness, despair to a salutary process of healing. The film takes place on a train. During the journey, the protagonist suffers a relapse of the illness; she loses control of her body as it gradually disintegrates. Her nightmare is invisible to other passengers, and the heroine loses her ability to communicate. In her loneliness, she confronts the feeling of alienation from her disintegrating body. A dramatic journey ends in victory – a brain that blooms.

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Edyta Adamczak (1984)
Graduaded from The Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland (Animated Film Studio headed by Jerzy Kucia). Author of short animations. Her previous film ”Eatself” (2018) was screened at various international film festivals; among others: 21.Guanajuato IFF, Mexico, 61.DOK Leipzig , Germany, 58.Krakow FF, Poland, 43.Hongkong IFF, 21. Mecal IFF, Spain.
She teaches animation at Polish – Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw; Poland.

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