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Original title of the film: Wandel
Country of origin: Germany
Year of origin: 2022
Duration: 3:38
Age Restriction: 16+


Name/Title: Maria Korporal


Director: Maria Korporal
Music: Hernán Samá, Marcelo von Schultz,
Producer: Chad Crouch


Experimental, Artistic


2D Computer, 3D Computer, Pastel on Paper, Live Action




⁣The title of this video WANDEL, translated CHANGE, may have at least two possible meanings. The first concerns climate change, the second and connected are the social and cultural changes we have to undertake to avoid a global environmental crisis, caused by climate change.
The Austrian poet Erich Fried wrote in 1981: „Wer will, dass die Welt bleibt, wie sie ist, will nicht, dass sie bleibt.“ (Those who want the world to remain as it is, do not want it to remain). This is a timeless statement. It is written at my feet on an infinite asphalt planet, and I stand there with my bicycle. When I begin cycling, the planet starts moving itself and while rotating a transformation is taking place. One sees animated images emerge. They suggest alternative energies and evolve into breathing life forms. The world is revitalized, the asphalted planet begins blooming again!

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Maria Korporal was born 1962 in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. She studied graphics and painting at the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in Breda. During her studies she began working with photography and she graduated with, among other things, a video installation. After her studies, in 1986, she moved to Italy, where she returned to painting. In 1989 she co-founded the Italian publishing house Apeiron Editori, directing the production and book design. In this environment she became involved with the use of computers, and she began applying digital techniques also in her art work. Since 1998 she has dedicated herself to using the new media arts for her expression.
Until 2013 she lived in Italy in Sant’Oreste (RM). Since 2014 she has lived and worked in Berlin.
Maria Korporal’s artistic production includes video art, installations, interactive art and performances.
She is an active member of the Verein Berliner Künstler (Association of Berlin Artists) and of the artists' group Group Global 3000 - Art and other sustainabilities in Berlin.
Her works have been shown and awarded in various exhibitions all over the world. Among the numerous international festivals where her videos were presented: FIVAC, Fest Miden, Madatac, Now & After, Unabhängisches Medienfestival Tübingen, WRO Media Art Biennale, InVideo, Bolzano Short Film Festival, Instants Vidéo, Proyector, Magmart, MashRome FilmFest, Mediawave Festival, Strangloscope, Cyberfest, ReggioFilmFestival, Over the Real, Ibrida, Vierte Welle Festival.

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