T-Short Festival 2023 Winners!

We announce the results of the T-Short Festival 2023.

Dear friends!

We express our special gratitude to all festival participants and spectators.

We thank our wonderful Jury for their work and for their difficult choice of the festival winners.

In total, almost 1,500 applications were submitted for the film selection.

All festival programs included 351 animated shorts.

The festival is over, we are pleased to announce the results of the T-Short festival 2023.


The Best Film of Festival

 Dog Apartment (Estonia)

Director: Priit Tender


The Best Storyline Film

Home of the heart (France)

Director: Sarah Saidan


The Best Bizarre Animation

Sliver Cave (China)

Director: Caibei Cai


The Best Debut

Tamgù (Argentina,France)

Directors: Isabel Loyer, Luis Paris


The Best Student Storyline Film

there are two winner films in this category

Half Empty (Poland)

Director: Katarzyna Orłowska


The Seine's tears (France)

Directors: Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice Letailleur


The Best Student Bizarre Film

My Mother the Sea (Estonia)

Director: Aspasia Kazeli


The Best Musical Motive

 My Soul Walks with You (Ireland)

Director: Paul O Donoghue


The Best Love Story

Oneluv (Russian Federation)

Director: Varya Yakovleva


The Best Documentary Film

Holy Holocaust (Israel)

Directors: Osi Wald, Noa Berman-Herzberg



Til We Meet Again (Estonia)

Director: Ülo Pikkov

for its inventive use of materials and sensitive portrayal of revisiting home


2009 January 19th (United Kingdom)

Director: Liucija Vaisiunaite

for its unusual editing which collapses and rearranges time in a way that evokes a traumatic event


The Hour Coat (United States)

Director: Amy Kravitz

for woolly hypnotic immersion in duration


Gilgamesh (Iran)

Director: Hossein Moradizadeh

for unusual way to animate images


Green peas (France)

Directors: Florentine Grelier, Francis Gavelle

for combination of poetry and sensuality



Night (Palestine)

Director: Ahmad Saleh

for its pure storytelling, craftsmanship, and immersive environment


Whale's song (France)

Director: Adeline Faye

for its creative idea and the use of a poetic visual language


Pig (Netherlands)

Director: Jorn Leeuwerink

for its simplicity and wit


Wind Whisperer (Ecuador)

Director: Fernanda Caicedo

for the poetic impact and fusion of colors, textures, sound, light and shadow that saturate the senses


Black Reflection (Republic of Korea)

Director: Jaehyeon Kim

for the daring look into the abyss and therapeutic visualization of the dark matter in the psyche


Good Night (Republic of Korea)

Directors: Jung-seo Lee, Seo-bin Lee, Ji-yeon Yoon  

for the skillful use of various techniques and excellent animation in a bright children's film


Horse (Estonia)

Director: Jass Kaselan

for its enigmatic universe, where sound is an actor of tension in its own right. For its surprising way of choosing and articulating scenes, reminiscent of writing with ideograms


Brother (Germany)

Director: Marcus Grysczok

for its playful and inventive imagination, where the objects at hand change nature and become a support for the story


Love to death (Taiwan)

Director: Yi-Xiang Lin

for the most terrible love story


Death at the bus stop (Norway)

Director: Maja Kjellstad Aanonsen

for a visual material, how to understand that a person is not alive


Small Hours (Ireland)

Directors: Marta Sniezek, Christian Spurling

for transmitting a relaxing atmosphere

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