Prizewinners of the festival 2021

The festival is over, we are pleased to announce the results of the last festival.

Dear Friends!

We express our special gratitude to all festival participants and spectators.

We thank our wonderful Jury for their work and for their difficult choice of the festival winners.

The festival is over, we are pleased to announce the results of the T-Short festival 2021.


Prizes awarded by the festival jury:

Grand Prix of the festival


Directors: Michaela Mihalyi, David Štumpf

Czech Republic, 2019

Best Storyline Film

A Heart of Gold 

(Un Coeur d'Or)

Director: Simon FILLIOT

France, 2020

Best Experimental animation

Serial Parallels

Director: Max Hattler

Hong Kong, 2019

Best Student Film


Director: Zhong Xian

United Kingdom, 2020

Best Design

Shift Simmers Slips

Director: Lars Nagler

Germany, 2021

Special Jury Prize



Director: Paul Raillard

France, 2019

The Prize awarded by the festival spectators:

Audience Choice Award

Wheel of Life

(Točak života)

Director: Tamara Maksimović

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2021

Prizes awarded by the T-Short:

Best Musical Motive

El Mago Georges

Director: Katalin Egely

Hungary, 2020

Best Film about Human



Directors: Mari-Leen Üksküla-Eomois, Jelizaveta Mušnikova, Meeri-Ann Ostrov, Anna Semjonova

Estonia, 2019

T-Short Special Award

Beginning of the light

(Начало света)

Director: Anastasia Melikhova

Russian Federation, 2020


Jury Diplomas:

Black Snot& Golden Squares

Director: Irina Rubina

Germany, 2020

For original visual solution

Beginning of the light

(Начало света)

Director: Anastasia Melikhova

Russian Federation, 2020

For innovative and beautiful vision of the eternal theme


Director: Samuel Chovan

Slovakia, 2021

For an accurate and highly artistic representation of the essence


Director: Basil Vogt

Switzerland, 2019

For wittiness and playfully easy solution of the question of knowing yourself


(M. Carreaux)

Director: Marie-Hélène Turcotte

Canada, 2020

For the brave confession of the impossibility of looking into the soul of another creature

Wish Me Good Luck

Director: Young Chan Jeon

Republic of Korea

For the special manner of telling an ordinary detective


Director: Steven Subotnick

United States, 2019

For a haunting choral meditation

The Thaw

(El deshielo)

Directors: Lucía López, Laura Malagón, Florencia Usuki

Argentina, 2020

For the untold secrets of young women

Grain in the Air

(Du Grain Dans l'Air)

Directors: Pedro Pedrosa, Andrea Ernest Dias

Brazil, 2021

For the mystery of the story, the novelty of the eternal question of 5 elements, as the basis of the universe

T-Short Diplomas:

Butterfly & Mouse

(Пеперуда и мишка)

Director: Mira Yankova

Bulgaria, 2019

Gratitude to fears for helping in self-knowledge


Director: Antoine Morineau

France, 2020

For denying the fact that the earth is flat

Villa Fiori

Director: Sebaldo

United Kingdom, 2021

For the story about the hard work of the waiters in rich colors


Director: Marek Jasaň

Slovakia, 2018

For an unusual philosophical view

The Tulip King

(Le Roi Tulipe)

Directors: Chloé Chapart, Agnès Dejean, Dorian Douaud, Flavien Duramé, Audrey Rioux, Alexis Rousseau

France, 2020

For a beautiful story about that there must be the poise in everything

You Are Not a Kiwi

Director: Maria Saveleva

Estonia, 2020

Never commit a crime to be accepted into society


Director: Lucía Espinoza

Ecuador, 2020

For a dramatic call to save the environment



Director: Luis Soares

Portugal, 2020

For graphic design


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