Prizewinners of the festival 2021

The festival is over, we are pleased to announce the results of the last festival.

Dear Friends!

We express our special gratitude to all festival participants and spectators.

We thank our wonderful Jury for their work and for their difficult choice of the festival winners.

In total, almost 1,500 applications were submitted for the film selection.

All festival programs included 347 animated shorts from 63 Countries.

The festival is over, we are pleased to announce the results of the T-Short festival 2021.


Prizes awarded by the festival jury:

Grand Prix of the festival


⁣The caretaker exhausted by everything, his frustrated wife and one totally depressed deer. Their mutual despair leads them to absurd events, because... shit happens all the time.

Directors: Michaela Mihalyi, David Štumpf

Czech Republic, 2019

Best Storyline Film

A Heart of Gold 
(Un Coeur d'Or)

⁣⁣Who wouldn't give their all for a child? A mother sees an opportunity to escape the hardships of a life of poverty by selling her organs to a sick, very rich, elderly neighbor. And she hands over her own flesh in exchange for gold. Little by little, necessity gives way to a craving for more gold.

Director: Simon FILLIOT

France, 2020

Best Experimental Animation

Serial Parallels

This experimental animation approaches Hong Kong’s built environment from the conceptual perspective of celluloid film, by applying the technique of film animation to the photographic image. The city’s signature architecture of horizon-eclipsing housing estates is reimagined as parallel rows of film strips: Serial Parallels.⁣

Director: Max Hattler

Hong Kong, 2019

Best Student Film


⁣The most important thing in a relationship is space.

Director: Zhong Xian

United Kingdom, 2020

Best Design

Shift Simmers Slips

⁣"Shift Simmers Slips" is massively inspired by and freely adapted from Luigi Serafini's "Codex Seraphinianus", an illustrated encyclopedia created between 1976 and 1978.

My film represents a small fragmentary collage of some of his created worlds, lifeforms and activities.

Director: Lars Nagler

Germany, 2021

Special Jury Prize


After a failed experiment, a scientist finds himself sharing his body with a hundred people and seeks to regain his individuality.

Director: Paul Raillard

France, 2019

The Prize awarded by the festival spectators:

Audience Choice Award

Wheel of Life
(Točak života)

⁣⁣This movie is dedicated to all the cyclical processes of the universe and human beings being a part of the same oneness. The snake is eating her tail. She is consuming and regenerating herself as life does.

Director: Tamara Maksimović

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2021

Prizes awarded by T-Short:

Best Musical Motive

El Mago Georges

⁣⁣We aren’t only created with free will, but also with responsibility. The responsibility to listen to our gut feelings, follow our intuition, the wise part of us. According to the old definition, a magician is a wise person. So we can all be magicians if we are brave enough.

Director: Katalin Egely

Hungary, 2020

Best Film about Human


⁣⁣“Soulpipe” is a futuristic tale about the material world. The film tells a story of a clerk who is responsible for putting objects coming from a pipe onto a shelf. The clerk is used to his routine and happy with his work in a white box. He has no desire for a better life or questions about his mission or existence. Until one day a stranger knocks on his door. He has something that the clerk does not. It's something that turns the clerk's beliefs on their head.

Directors: Mari-Leen Üksküla-Eomois, Jelizaveta Mušnikova, Meeri-Ann Ostrov, Anna Semjonova

Estonia, 2019

T-Short Special Award

Beginning of the light
(Начало света)

The story is based on a tale about the creation of sun and moon.

The world is in twilight. There is no light and no shadow. The twins, brother and sister, grow a tree and one day the first leaf appears.

Director: Anastasia Melikhova

Russian Federation, 2020


Jury Diplomas:

Black Snot& Golden Squares

A little something for worried souls.

Director: Irina Rubina

Germany, 2020

For original visual solution


Beginning of the light
(Начало света)

The story is based on a tale about the creation of sun and moon.

The world is in twilight. There is no light and no shadow. The twins, brother and sister, grow a tree and one day the first leaf appears.

Director: Anastasia Melikhova

Russian Federation, 2020

For innovative and beautiful vision of the eternal theme



Art attack made with love.

Director: Samuel Chovan

Slovakia, 2021

For an accurate and highly artistic representation of the essence



We all have two sides. But if even the tiniest scare splits someone into a timid skin on the one hand and an overconfident skeleton on the other, that person has a lot of work ahead to bring their characteristics back into harmony again.

Director: Basil Vogt

Switzerland, 2019

For wittiness and playfully easy solution of the question of knowing yourself


(M. Carreaux)

He is Mr. Carreaux. He walks towards you imagined, he sees you, Blanche. He sees you. And, from the depths of winter, and from the city, he writes you in truth, for you to exist. You're here, reading his words. He is here, writing to you. You want what he offers you: at the end of the day, you answer him. You and he, between your voices, begin to exist. Mr. Carreaux, it's your winter tale: the real experience of an imagined love.

"Once upon a time there was your long and round white night. Once upon a time there was a beginning."

Director: Marie-Hélène Turcotte

Canada, 2020

For the brave confession of the impossibility of looking into the soul of another creature


Wish Me Good Luck

⁣An old man discovers that his wife is having an affair with a young guy. A chaotic chain of mistake and anger make the situation getting worse. And someone will get a great chance from some other’s misfortune. They wish good luck on their future, but it won’t last long.

Director: Young Chan Jeon

Republic of Korea

For the special manner of telling an ordinary detective



A call and response.

Director: Steven Subotnick

United States, 2019

For a haunting choral meditation


The Thaw
(El deshielo)

A woman plays with time.
The instant becomes present, wraps her up, and disappears, but not without leaving a trace.
As she fades into space, only the words remain. In each place she searches for herself, only to realize when she finds herself, that it is now a new mystery.

Directors: Lucía López, Laura Malagón, Florencia Usuki

Argentina, 2020

For the untold secrets of young women


Grain in the Air
(Du Grain Dans l'Air)

Du Grain Dans l’Air is a short animated movie created upon the homonym song composed by Jean-Louis Clot and played by Andrea Ernest Dias and Charles Bascou. The video travels through visuals experimentations regarding the five elements.

Directors: Pedro Pedrosa, Andrea Ernest Dias

Brazil, 2021

For the mystery of the story, the novelty of the eternal question of 5 elements, as the basis of the universe

T-Short Diplomas:


Butterfly & Mouse
(Пеперуда и мишка)

⁣⁣People often say: “This one has a lion’s heart, and that one – a rabbit’s”. Some hide lions in their chests, other ones – rabbits, yet others – mice. There are also those who wouldn’t dare face their inner spirit animal. What could happen to someone so very afraid of seeing what he carries within. A short jazzy film about the fears that obstruct man's way to himself and to others.

Director: Mira Yankova

Bulgaria, 2019

Gratitude to fears for helping in self-knowledge



This man has one goal : to prove that the earth is flat. He embarks today on his homemade rocket. Will his mission be a failure, forcing him on a trip further out into space? The secret lies in Earth³.

The film is freely inspired by "Mad" Mike Hughes who died on February 22, 2020 in the crash of his homemade rocket.

Director: Antoine Morineau

France, 2020

For denying the fact that the earth is flat


Villa Fiori

We follow a waiter as he travels through an Italian restaurant as he flows from table to table we see that he is idolised by his customers but everything is not as it seems.

Director: Sebaldo

United Kingdom, 2021

For the story about the hard work of the waiters in rich colors



⁣⁣Journey is the story of a man, who daydreams entering the minds of people around him, stealing their dreams, desires and personal experience in order to fill his own, empty mind.

Director: Marek Jasaň

Slovakia, 2018

For an unusual philosophical view


The Tulip King
(Le Roi Tulipe)

Once upon a time in a forgotten kingdom, a humble King living alone with his housekeeper. One day, while he was walking in his vast garden, he discovered a new flower, a tulip.

Directors: Chloé Chapart, Agnès Dejean, Dorian Douaud, Flavien Duramé, Audrey Rioux, Alexis Rousseau

France, 2020

For a beautiful story about that there must be the poise in everything


You Are Not a Kiwi

⁣It's more than just feathers or a number of fingers... Mr. Notakiwi wants to join the community. Is society ready to accept the other and his song..?

Director: Maria Saveleva

Estonia, 2020

Never commit a crime to be accepted into society



Yawati (turtle in Quichua) is the story of a little girl named Waira who finds a turtle on a beach full of garbage. Waira with the help of his grandfather clean the beach so that the turtle can return to the sea.

Director: Lucía Espinoza

Ecuador, 2020

For a dramatic call to save the environment



A sad and restrained man lying on the bed in his empty room. Hesitates, ponder hypotheses in a cycle without deciding, stuck. In exhaustion all anguish equals. Another man is sitting at the window: he looks at him and to the street. Characters in broken situations. The key positions, the suspended sequences, are shown. The man almost decides - and they almost return, inside and out, to them and to the city, time and movement. Infinite dawn.

Director: Luis Soares

Portugal, 2020

For graphic design


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