Selected films

Selected films for T-Short 2023

Dear Friends!

Almost 1500 films were submitted to the selection of the T-Short Festival 2023. 

However, all festival programs included only the best films in our opinion.

Below you can find the films and programs of the T-Short Festival 2023.

Storyline Competition

Not my bread (Russian Federation) 
Guard of Honour (Latvia)
Octopus (Portugal)
Drifter (Belgium)
The Egret River (Taiwan)
New 《Divergence》 (China)
Home of the heart (France)
The Improvement of Human Reason (Iran)
The Sprayer (Iran)
Woman (Russian Federation)
Three Birds (Bulgaria)
I Lost the Way (Greece)
The Picking Piper (United Kingdom)
Art Nouveau Phantasmagoria (Russian Federation)
Lovely Rita (Switzerland)
Whale’s song (France)
The Mango (France)
The Love we cannot live without (Bulgaria)
Phonorama (Spain)

Bizarre Competition

Gilgamesh (Iran)
The river (Belgium)
Menagerie (United States)
Traffic control (Brazil)
Green peas (France)
Change (Germany)
Sliver Cave (China)
Cyanic Waves (Germany)
The Vulture (Argentina)
Bear Speculation (Russian Federation)
Visual Constructs (Mexico)
Short Stories about Loneliness (Dominican Republic)
Pearl Dog (United Kingdom)
Rosbeef (France)
Blooming brain (Blooming brain)
The Hour Coat (United States)
Dog Apartment (Estonia)
A Thousand Things (Canada)

Debut Competition

Premonition: On the Eve of Signing Treaty 6 (Canada)
The Encounter (Russian Federation)
Lete (Colombia)
Tamgù (Argentina)
Lines (Serbia)
Reflection (Netherlands)
Centipede (Bulgaria)
Pig (Netherlands)
Jampine (Portugal)
Night (Palestine)
The day I got my pockets picked (Spain)
Robo99 (South Korea)
A Dream of Hawaii (Norway)
From the mount - 7 scary tales (Paraguay)
Inhospitable (Colombia)
Moon Spirits (Italy)

Student Storyline Competition

Memories (France)
Somber (France)
Not For Me (Russian Federation)
Half Empty (Poland)
Offerlamm (United Kingdom)
it (China)
Pobre Antonio (Spain)
Mustermann (Germany)
Leftovers (United Kingdom)
Death at the bus stop (Norway)
Le Pain (Australia)
A Poem by Alba (United States)
The Author (Brazil)
2009 January 19th (United Kingdom)
Good Night (South Korea)
Matapacos (Germany)
The Seine's tears (France)
In Tune (Singapore)
The Little Elevator Lady (South Africa)

Student Bizarre Competition

Small Hours (Ireland)
My Mother the Sea (Estonia)
Biblick (United Kingdom)
Dog, Ball, Park (Israel)
Robbos (Hong Kong)
Black Reflection (South Korea)
Apnoea (Russian Federation)
A bone to pick with (Slovenia)
Dry Lives (Estonia)
Fab-rics (Hong Kong)
Water Lullaby (Poland)
Room (Taiwan)
The Body (Israel)
Untitleded (Hong Kong)
Brother (Germany)
Horse (Estonia)
Ana (Slovakia)
Canman (Taiwan)
Stinky in the Dark Forest (Croatia)
The Basilisk (France)
Alian Human (Japan)
Anabasis (Estonia)
Wind whisperer (Ecuador)

Musical Motives Competition

Sham Shui Po's Night (Hong Kong)
Watercolor (Brazil)
Nubecita (Colombia)
Anouma (Belgium)
Royal Blue (Brazil)
El Huracán (Spain)
Martilandrán (Spain)
Lullaby (United States)
Yet Again (Italy)
My Soul Walks With You (Ireland)
I'll Be Fine (United States)
Alligator Boots (United States)
They Stole the Moon (United Kingdom)
Rainbow Machine (Switzerland)
Música Para Búhos (Uruguay)
God of Sun (Spain)
e-soldier (Brazil)
La Otra Jeta - To get crazy again (Spain)
Empty Train Waltz (Singapore)

Love Story Competition

White, Black and True Love (Slovenia)
One serving per can (Colombia)
Oneluv (Russian Federation)
Eastern romance (Poland)
The Kiss (France)
Lost Kisses (Serbia)
Television Head (United Kingdom)
Pathrado (Singapore)
Juni and Evy (United Kingdom)
Shirey Mara (Belarus)
No Time for Love (France)
Orpheus Love Addiction (France)
To the article of love (France)
Love to death (Taiwan)

Documentary competition

Holy Holocaust (Israel)
The Glazier's Daughter (Argentina)
Dream That I Had (United States)
Night caved in soul - Oswaldo Goeldi (Brazil)
Too Late (Poland)
Chomon the Incoherent (Spain)
Nosh-up (Portugal)
Shoah, Bernard Ores (France)
When I met Sangre Negra (United States)
Til We Meet Again (Estonia)
White bird (Switzerland)
Letters to Parkkimäentie (Finland)
The Wildfire (France)
The Diary of a Projectionist (Spain)

Storyline Panorama 

Flight of the Artemis (United Kingdom)
Penguins (Russian Federation)
Conquest of S287-KL (Russian Federation)
Utopian (Algeria)
Nhac! (Brazil)
Epic (Ireland)
My crow don't know to fish (India)
Stony Grey Soil (Ireland)
Failure to assist a person in danger (France)
A rainy day in June (Italy)
The Square City (Hong Kong)
I am (Iran)
The Melody Of Loneliness (Iran)
Bo and Trash (Spain)
Snowed In (Iran)
Swing (Spain)
The One (Netherlands)
It's a trap (Netherlands)
Living In a Story (Serbia)

Bizarre Panorama

Bonfire in the reserve (Russian Federation)
The Idea (Argentina)
Devinim (Turkey)
TRANSGRESSION - A Post-Human Vision (Portugal)
Cinegraffic Score (United Kingdom)
Solstitium (Canada)
The Dream of Noise (Germany)
tears tears tears (Poland)
No Way Forward, No Way Back (Poland)
Talent Show (United States)
El Club de Chichiguas (Dominican Republic)
Beauty & the Beasts (Hong Kong)

Student Storyline Panorama

A pair of (South Korea)
Hi! (Netherlands)
Trash Can (Lithuania)
Lost Souls (United States)
Desiderium (Poland)
Citsalp (Philippines)
Runner (United Kingdom)
How To Save The Fireflies (Singapore)
Object of Life (Australia)
Smile (Russian Federation)
Ashes (Egypt)
Edicius (Tunisia)
That's All? (France)
Mourning Cloak (United Kingdom)
Todd (United States)
Paracosm (Turkey)
Reconnection (Singapore)
Sloth (Norway)
Day after tomorrow (Iran)
Princess Toya (China)
De Panka (Ecuador)
MIGO (Mexico)
Gal, The Mountain of Fire (Colombia)
Jefe (Australia)
Wonderfully Made (Australia)
The Chicken laid an egg (Russian Federation)
Us (Israel)
There is Nothing Nice Deep Within (Hungary)
Swallows (Spain)

Student Bizarre Panorama

Heimwee (Belgium)
Tea (Czech Republic)
Overload (China)
Going out at night for some fresh air (Australia)
Self-shot film (Kazakhstan)
1+1=? (China)
Sacrificial Rabbit (China)
If (China)
It has gotten colder (Germany)
Nanshan Park (China)
Parabola (Costa Rica)
Pygmalion Infection (Bulgaria)
Eating Soup with a Fork (United Kingdom)
Cél (Australia)
Toying Box (India)
Mundus (United States)
Karamove #6 (France)
White on Black (Portugal)

Musical Motives Panorama

Les émerveilleurs - Ingrid St-Pierre (Canada)
Nangulvi (Ecuador)
Bad in Good (Spain)
Highest feeling (Chile)
Outlaw Song (Hungary)
Goldfish (United States)
Mercury Machine - Fictional Mind (United Kingdom)
Electro-frequency (Colombia)
Yellow-Scarred Leaf (India)
March, Mast and Faith (Brazil)
High On You (Pakistan)
Maschera - Four Notes feat. Dirty Dirk (Germany)
Kairochora Ktisis (United Kingdom)
Our Universe (Italy)
FreeStyle (Cuba)
Things are Going to Change - Kid Koala (Canada)

Special Festival Programs

School-Studio "SHAR" (Russian Federation)

Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia)

SCM & Advisor Max Hattler (Hong Kong)

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts (Slovenia)

Animation School of South Africa (South Africa)

Student Films from Taiwan (Taiwan)



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