T-Short Festival 2022 Winners!

We announce the results of the festival.

Dear friends!

We announce the results of the T-Short Festival 2022.

Slightly more than 1600 animation works were submitted to the selection of the festival.

296 animation creations from 52 countries of the world took part in all programs of the festival.


Best of the Best

Lizuna Fair (Japan)

Director: Sumito Sakakibara

Best Storyline Film

A Most Exquisite man (Üks imeline mees) (Estonia)

Director: Jonas Taul

Best Bizarre Animation

Vadim on a walk (Вадим на прогулке) (Russia)

Director: Sasha Svirsky

Best Debut

How My Grandmother Became A Chair (كيف تحولت جدتي الى كرسي) (Lebanon)

Director: Nicolas Fattouh

Best Student Storyline Film

Silvering (United Kingdom)

Director: Eilidh Nicoll

Best Student Bizarre Animation

The Odd Hour (Hodina divná) (Czech Republic)

Director: Michaela Duskova

Best Musical Motive

Clockwise (Spain)

Director: Toni Mitjanit

Best Humorous Short

The Sausage Run (Germany)

Director: Thomas Stellmach

Best Gripping Movie

Seen It! (India)

Director: Adithi Krishnadas

Special Prize from Vita Valdmane (Ceramic Master and Prize Creator) 

Luna Llena (Belgium)

Director: Isabel Garcia Moya 

Special Prize from Marat Barsky (T-Short Founder) 

Sphere (Poland)

Director: Nikodem Kłoś



The Pattern (Hungary)

Director: Péter Bogyó 

for the unusual walk among the patterns of the vast archetypal world


Alleswasichberühre (Switzerland)

Director: Marion Täschler  

for the frank exploration of vulnerability and the need for love, which is hard to acknowledge


Pore (Belgium)

Director: Clémence Pica Rogge 

for courageously looking into the abyss of traumatic experience that raises barriers in relationships with others


When the pudding crashed (Japan)

Director: Hiroki Kurasawa 

for the elegant approach and the subtle sensitivity in describing the substantial changes in the simple children's world



Hypno Tidoo (Italy)

Directors: Arianna Gheller, Matteo Burani 

for the excellent expression, the radiant re-creation of the fairy world of childhood and the bright long-lasting sensations that remain in the senses


Rubic's cube (Czech Republic)

Director: Ramanava Krystsina 

for its simple but elegant, narrating complex and deep concepts


The blind writer (France)

Director: Georges Sifianos 

for a unique experience and Great idea



The Habit (Привычка) (Russia)

Directors: Alexey Karaev, Alexander Rubtsov 

for creative use of technique


Drawn undrew draw (Taiwan)

Director: Angel Wu 

for virtuosity and faith in drawing as the best way to communicate with the world  


Now Listen (Poland)

Directors: KIJEK, ADAMSKI  

for its powerful visual storytelling and its plasticity of movement, scale and gravity



A Bite of Bone (Honekami) (Japan)

Director: Honami Yano 

for its well-written narration, lovely spatial transitions, and beautiful texture and color


Regular (USA)

Director: Nata Metlukh  

for its absurd humor, unusual timing and visual puns



Vampire (UK)

Director: Zhong Xian 

for its unusual editing, expressive timing, and collaged sound design



The Train Driver (Germany)

Directors: Christian Wittmoser, Zuniel Kim 

for the originality of the choice of topic and the desire to understand the inexplicable mysteries of life

Hope (Latvia)

Director: Zane Oborenko 

for beauty and organicity in the hope of the favor of the unknown - fate   




Factory (Iran)

Director: Azar Mansoori  

for accurately conveying a sad story



That is life (C'est la vie) (Poland)

Directors: Jacek Olejnik, Rafał Sankiewicz, Wojciech Sankiewicz, Bartosz Terlicki 

for a serious attitude to the philosophy of life



Alexander Mosolov. Three Pieces (Александр Мосолов. Три Пьески) (Russia)

Director: Natalia Ryss  

for synchronization of motion with the sound



Bodies and Souls: Inertia (Corps et Âmes: Inertie) (France)

Director: Loqmane Bahri  

for a beautifully told of mystical story



Life’s a Bitch (Жизнь-паскуда) (Russia)

Director: Varya Yakovleva  

for the realism of the story



Open Grave (A Tumba Abierta) (Spain)

Director: Valentin Morato Ribera, Fernando Campillo Bravo, Álvaro Ortega Ochoa de Ocariz 

for the atmospheric picture of what is happening



The Tree Has Been Planted (El Árbol ya Fue Plantado) (Argentina)

Director: Irene Blei 

for interesting musical story



When it comes from the Earth (Si viene de la Tierra) (Hungary)

Director: Katalin Egely 

for a careful attitude to art and for an interesting look

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Irene Blei
Irene Blei 2 years ago
Thank you very much! I feel honoured and grateul.
Long Live T-Shorts Festival. Best wishes Marat and T-ShortsTeam!
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