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Country of origin: Australia
Year of origin: 2022
Duration: 6:47
Age Restriction: 6+


Name/Title: Swinburne University of Technology


Director: Joseph Hoh
Script: Joseph Hoh
Designer: Joseph Hoh, Anthony Atherinos, Brigit Pattak, Tonia Ciccone, Anthony Thanaxay
Animation: Anthony Atherinos, Brigit Pattak, Tonia Ciccone, Anthony Thanaxay
Music: Samantha Tan, Joseph Hoh, Jake Kenner
Sound: Sean Egan, Maria McGrath
Producer: Joseph Hoh


Fairy tale, Fantasy


2D Computer

Wonderfully Made



⁣Called by name from a mysterious voice in the sky, a lonely child is taken on a visionary tour of all creation where he is transported to the most beautiful places in all the universe. He journeys through glowing caves, weaves through trees and ducks under huge rock formations, dives deep into grand canyons and beholds the majesty of cosmic nebulae.
Yet in the midst of such wondrous grandeur, a feeling of insignificance overwhelms his heart. Alone in the vast sky, the child hears his name once again. He lifts his head to see the most wondrous sight he has ever witnessed. In that moment, he is thrust into an even more bewildering and beautiful journey within. Flashed before him are the intricate details of his iris, the neurons firing in his brain and the life-giving power of his heart pumping blood through his entire body. Suddenly it all comes together, the splendor of the universe and the wonder of his own life. What was once his greatest source of shame is now his greatest treasure. As the vision of his adventure is swiftly whisked away, a breath of enduring beauty remains ...

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Joseph Hoh is a film maker from Melbourne, Australia who is passionate about purposeful visual storytelling. He graduated from Swinburne University of Technology with a Bachelor of Animation. Joseph is the writer and director of Wonderfully Made (2022) and specialises in background & concept art and compositing.

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