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Country of origin: France
Year of origin: 2022
Duration: 8:01
Age Restriction: 12+


Name/Title: Ali Zare Ghanatnowi


Director: Ali Zare Ghanatnowi
Script: Ali Zare Ghanatnowi
Designer: Ali Zare Ghanatnowi
Animation: Bahareh Pishahang
Sound: Moein Fathi
Editing: Ali Zehtabzadeh
Producer: Negin Fallahi


Drama, Love story


2D Computer, Cut-outs

The Kiss



⁣Forbidden love story in an ancient bas-relief…

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Ali Zare Ghanatnowi is an Iranian film director, screenwriter, translator, cinema teacher, graphic designer, cameraman, and film producer.Zare was born in Shiraz in 1981. His first experience as a very young teenager was at Iran National Broadcasting in Fars Province channel in 1997. He continued it into his late teens because of his early interest in cinema and theater beginning from high school. So, before leaving home to study at University of Tehran and then Berlin School, he had some experience with cinema and film-making that supported his studies. As a director and cameraman, he worked in making some TV commercials and advertising from 2006 to 2016. Around 2004 to 2013, in Shiraz film club, had been active in holding film and criticism meetings. Most of these meetings were hold in Shiraz University and Hafez hall about famous movies by great directors. In 2004 he founded Cinema School in Shiraz . As a manager and teacher in Cinema School, he made many workshops about cinema, criticism, editing, screenwriting, make-up etc An active film-maker from 2000, he had been involved in over twenty films, including animations, shorts, and documentaries. Zare attained critical acclaim for directing Empty View (2017) and Dad's Fragile Doll (2013) which was awarded the best animation of International Open Film Festival (IOFF). His other film Empty View has won multiple international awards, including the best animation of Asians On Film (first award and the best film music). The music part in Empty View is made by Mohammadreza Aligholi. Empty view has been in the official selections for the best animation in Edmonton International Film Festival in Canada . This festival is among those confirmed by Oscar Academy that is hold every year in Edmonton, Alberta. Ali Zare Ghanat Nowi who had achieved this before, by Dad's Fragile Doll being selected in Anima Mundi (event), now again reached this place by Empty View. Zare was a jury member at some film festivals, most notably the Berlin International Film Festival in 2016; And the same year judged the films in Cinema Perpetuum Mobile festival in Belarus. Also has the judge experience in the International Open Film Festival (IOFF) in 2015, Kal Film Festival (2014) in Gerash County, Fars Province, Iran, in addition to Shiraz film festival (2013) Honors and awards: Zare has won some awards up to 2018 as follows: Empty View 2018- BEST SHORT FEST, Canada, Ontario 2018- Great Message International Film Festival, India, Pune 2018- Indie Best Films Festival , USA , Santa Mónica 2018- Mexico International Film Festival, Mexico 2018- The Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival, South Korea , Seoul 2018- ATHENS ANIMFEST, Greece, Athens 2018- Amsterdam film festival and Van-Gogh Award, Netherlands, Amsterdam 2017- 1st Chania Cartoon & Animation Festival (Jury Award), Greece, 2017- The first prize in UK monthly film festival, England 2017- Los Angeles Film Awards 2017- Asians On Film, USA, Los Angeles Dad's Fragile Doll 2018- The Mosaic Film Festival, USA 2017- London X4 international festival, England 2016- Berkeh Film Festival, Lamerd, Fars, Iran 2016- The Best Animation of International Open Film Festival (IOFF), Dhaka, Bangladesh 2016- The Best Animation of The Kids Festival, Madrid, Spain 2015- The best animation Cinema Perpetuum Mobile International Short Film Festival, Minsk, Belarus 2015- The Best Animation of VETERANS FILM FESTIVAL, Canberra, Australian 2014- Diploma ANIMAMUNDI INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL, Sao Paula, Brazil 2014- Diploma ANIMA-SAO INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2014- Diploma SICAF INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL, Seoul, South Korea 2014- The best animation of Parvin Etesami film festival, Tehran, Iran 2014- The Best film of Viewster international festival, Zurich, Switzerland 2014- Winner of the Grand Medal, Shiraz Short Film 2014, Iran 2014- Winner of the perspective of the audience in Viewster international festival, Zurich, Switzerland

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