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Original title of the film: La hija del vidriero
Country of origin: Argentina
Year of origin: 2022
Duration: 2:02
Age Restriction: 0+


Name/Title: Universidad de Buenos Aires


Director: Lucía López
Script: Lucía López
Producer: Lucía López


Experimental, Artistic, Drama, Documentary


Paint on Glass

The Glazier's Daughter



⁣⁣After spending her childhood in her father's glass shop, the author interprets glass as a familiar material. A confused childhood observed 20 years later, a childhood that the glazier's daughter tries to treasure using paint and glass, elements that she will soon discover are just as fragile as her own memory.

⁣Director Statement

After spending my childhood in my dad's glass shop, glass became a familiar material, which represents a refuge, but one of the most fragile I know. My memory is a treasure that, like glass, breaks. The missing parts are just as present as those that are still here. A confused childhood, observed 20 years later, a childhood in constant dissonance between treasure and oblivion.
"The Glazier's Daughter" is an animated short film painted with oil on glass, which makes sense from its materialization: returning to my father's workshop to rediscover those forgotten treasures, going through the glass to be able to get closer to them and face my great fear: The passage of time.

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Lucía López (Bs As, Argentina), image and sound designer, painter and producer. Explore the mix between painting, glass and digital media. Co-director and art director of The Thaw (2020), a short film that has toured various film festivals and has been recognized nationally and internationally. She’s currently presenting her second short film - The Glazier’s Daughter (2022) - in which she incorporates glass as a fundamental material of her authorial identity.

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