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Country of origin: Russian Federation
Year of origin: 2022
Duration: 6:48
Age Restriction: 6+


Name/Title: “Master-Film” Movie Company


Director: Oksana Bronetitskaya
Script: Oksana Bronetitskaya
Designer: Oksana Bronetitskaya
Animation: Julia Franke, Oksana Bronetitskaya
Music: Dmitry Maksimachyov
Sound: Dmitry Maksimachyov
Producer: Alexander Gerassimov


Comedy, Drama, Fantasy


2D Computer, Stop-motion

Art Nouveau Phantasmagoria (rooftop concert)



⁣The musician is in a hurry to perform his part.

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I worked as a journalist until 2000. Then in 2008 I retrained as a director of editing (music videos, concerts, reports, documentaries), a screenwriter (documentaries) and, finally, a director (documentaries and animation). I have made several films, including the full-length "Tell me your Derby Name" (participant of Artdokfest in 2018).

In 2018, I graduated from the course of Misha Safronov “Animation Director", in 2021 I graduated from the Petermultart school (Ivan Maksimov).

Since 2020, I have been working as an animatic director and storyboard artist on animated series (Tina-Tony, Rikki Company and since 2022 - Asya-Vasya, Aeroplane company)

animation filmography

May 2022 - Moon Day, 2D, author (produced by Wagtailfilms), film participant of the competition Big Cartoon Festival 2022

January 2022 - animated jam I/WE are Memorial (animator)

January 2022 - Phantasmagoria Art Nouveau (rooftop concert), 2D, stop-motion, author (production by Master film), participant of the festivals at 2022: Suzdal Animation Festival (Russia), Golden Kuker (Bulgaria), Insomnia (Russia), Window to Europe (Russia), Short of The Year (Spain), FerFilm (Kosovo), East Northeast (USA), DaVinci International Film Festival (USA), FICCS (Argentina), Festival Cartón (Argentina) (instagram: @art_nouveau_phantasmagoria)

May 2021 - animated jam Pitermultart or Crazy Tea Party, 2D, producer, animator, film —participant of the Big Cartoon Festival-2021 (Moscow, Russia), Monstra-2022 (Lisbon, Portugal), participant of the non-competitive T-shirt program (Latvia)

2018 – Hello, Let's Ride!, 2D, author (produced by Wagtailfilms), film participant of the festivals: Winter road! -2018 (special prize), Strasbourg Film Festival 2018 (USA), Bomba-2022 (Russia)

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