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Original title of the film: ΕΧΑΣΑ ΤΟ ΔΡΟΜΟ ΜΟΥ
Country of origin: Greece
Year of origin: 2021
Duration: 8:00
Age Restriction: 12+


Name/Title: Panagiotis Rappas


Director: Panagiotis Rappas
Script: Panagiotis Rappas
Designer: Panagiotis Rappas
Animation: Panagiotis Rappas
Producer: Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos


Surrealism, Artistic



I Lost the Way



⁣Two parallel monologues.
Two men of different ages, talk about their lives and what haunts them.
One, almost middle-aged, feels he has lost his way. Full of anxiety and metaphysical agony, he desperately seeks to find the path of return that will lead him to his paternal home and the years of innocence. At the point where he started his impasse, so far, wandering. The route looks like a strange dream. People, animals, machines, change form, properties, and actions in a nightmarish cluster full of paradoxical images, charged with passions and unacknowledged guilt.
The other, an elderly man, is nearing the end of his journey. Locked up in a small room, isolated, accompanied by memories and ghosts from the past, he has stopped being anxious. He watches the outside world through the window, with the same stoic calm that he also watches what happens in the strange circus that performs in his small room. Everything that his imagination, memory, and sensitive psyche puts in front of him. With laconic sentences that are more reminiscent of oracles, he raises questions about an absurd and perhaps futile world. An almost nightmarish world, the world that spent its life vulnerable to the alterations of time.
They are both the same person. The poet M. Sachtouris in different phases of his life. The questions he asks are not philosophical declarations or logical findings, but images. Images that seem to come from a dream and end up in his poetic iconography.
At the end of the imaginary journey, the poet "finds", among the ruins, his mother, and the room he recognizes as the home of his childhood. He returns to the womb without finding an answer to what tortured him along the way, since "there is no sanguine answer" because everything "is a vast void rather like a tomb".

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Animator, screenwriter, director, and painter. Although an independent film director and producer he has as well worked for almost all major Hollywood film production studios and in many European co-productions of 2D and 3D animated movies. The main body of his work concerns children and the adaptation of children's literature to animated movies. His work has won many international awards in Europe and the USA.
Having extensive experience in organizing the production of Animation films, he often assumes the role of special advisor for respective productions, while from time to time he teaches the art of Animation through intensive seminars in Schools of Fine Arts and Colleges. He has also worked for the theater, one of his major interests alongside painting, and has illustrated children's books.
He is a lifelong member of the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (A.M.P.A.S.).


“Little Emily” / USA 2016
Kidscreen Awards 2016: Best preschool e-book of the Year

“The Fountain of Youth” / Greece 2011
7TH Athens AnimFest 2012 / GREECE: Best Animation
14th Patras International Film Festival 2012 / GREECE: Best Animation
35ο International Short Film Festival in Drama / GREECE: Special mention
“ROZAFA ANIFEST ” AWARDS 2012 Shkoder / ALBANIA: Special Prize

“The Little Mouse who Wanted to Touch a Star” / Greece 2007
Martha’s Vineyard / USA: Best in fest
Cyprus International Film Festival / CYPRUS: Best Animation
London Greek Film Festival / UK: Best Animation
Athens AnimFest 2008 / GREECE: Special Prize of the Jury
Patras International Film Festival GREECE: Best Animation

“The Boy and The Tree” / Greece 2009
Athens AnimFest 2009 / GREECE: Best Animation
Second Best TV Production in Europe for Children and Juniors 2009
12th Patras International Film Festival 2009 / GREECE: Best Animation
4th Documentary Film festival of Chalkis / GREECE: Special Jury Award

“I Lost The Way” (2021) Scriptwriter, Director
“No! You Won’t Get up our Noses” (2020-21) Supervising Animator (Animation)
“Σε γνωρίζω από την Όψη” (2020-21) Animation και VFX Supervisor (documentary)
“Pete the Cat” (2019) Senior Animator (Animation)
“Frankenstein REC” (2019) Post Production and Vfx Supervisor (Live action)
“Dragon Rider” (2017) 3D Layout Artist
“Love, Love, Love” (2016) Post Production and Vfx Supervisor (Live action)
“Little Emily” (2015) (animated app) Art Director/Animator (awarded)
“Tale of Sasquatch” (2015) (animated app) Art Director/Animator
“The Amazing Popcorn” (2014) (animated app) Art Director/Animator
“Family Guy” (2011) (TV Series) Animator
“The Fountain of Youth” aka “I Pigi tis Niotis”(2011) Director / Producer (awarded short)
“The Boy and the Tree” (2009) Director / Producer (awarded short)
“The meaning of Life” (2009) Producer
“The Little Mouse who Wanted to Touch a Star” (2007) Director / Producer
“Jester Till” (2003) Studio Producer (Time Lapse Pictures)
“Rugrats go Wild” (2003) Storyboard Artist/Layout Supervisor/Studio Producer
“El Sid: The Legend” (2003) Studio Producer (Time Lapse Pictures)
“Eight Crazy Nights” (2002) Studio Producer (Time Lapse Pictures)
“Rugrats in Paris: The Movie” (2000) Sequence Director/ Layout Supervisor
“The Periwig-Maker” (1999) Mural painter/Leica editor (Oscar nominated short)
“Käpt’n Blaubär-Der Film” (1999) Storyboard Artist
“Pippi Longstocking” (1998) Layout Artist
“The Rugrats Movie” (1998) Layout Supervisor/Storyboard Artist
“Fern Gully 2: The Magical Rescue” 1998 Storyboard Artist/Layout Artist
“1001 Nights” (1998) Producer/ layout Artist/Animator (awarded short)
“Die furchtlosen Vier” (1997) Animator
“Kleines Arschloch” (1997) Animator / Studio Producer (Stardust Pictures)
“Space Jam” (1996) Animator/Vfx Animator
“Pinocchio” (1995) (CD-ROM game) Animator
“All Dogs Go to Heaven 2” (1996) Animator/Layout Artist
“Felidae” (1994) Animator
“Asterix Conquers America” (1994) Layout Artist
“We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story” (1993) Layout Artist
“The Magic Voyage” (1992) Character Animator- Vfx Animator
“An American Tale: Fievel Goes West” (1991) Layout Artist

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