About T-Short
T-Short is the community of professionals and animated movie fans

We are happy to welcome you on the T-Short website 

The Name of T-Short is a pun: T-Shirt is a well-known item of clothing and the word Short here means a short film. Similarly, a project logo emphasizes a pun in the title – a film shaped like T-Shirt. 

T-Short project consists of three main sections: Film Gallery, Festival and Community. Each project section has a certain set of useful features, both for professionals related to animation and for common animation fans. 

T-Short allows posting and public viewing in the Film Gallery and Festival sections of only short animated films for adult audiences or films for all age categories. The project doesn't target children's audience and doesn't allow movies or series that target children's audience. 


There are several reasons for creating T-Short: 

1. Making a collection of short animated films from A to Z on a platform designed specifically for this purpose. 

2. Bringing together professionals and animation fans into one big community.

3. The introduction of young people into the world of professional animation of high artistic standards. 

4. Popularization of non-commercial auteur, festival animated films among the wide international audience. 

5. Assisting authors, studios and educational institutions in promoting their projects. 


A little bit of our history 

In 2002 was founded the International Animated Films Festival BIMINI which took place annually in Latvia until 2008. 

The idea to create a video project to show short animated films was born on the basis of the BIMINI festival back in 2006. Gradually, we started to move towards the creation of this project. However, in 2008 both the festival and the project had to be suspended because of the world financial crisis of 2008-2009. 

It has been almost 13 years since the last BIMINI Festival took place and now we finally have the opportunity to create T-Short project, but in a completely different format than it was supposed to be in 2006, as well as to revive the festival, but this time in a new format. 

We hope that we will be able to create an interesting animation project on the Internet together. 



The founder & organizer of the BIMINI festival, as well as the founder of the T-Short project is Marat Barsky, an independent producer and organizer of events since 1996 


Viktor Ovchinnikov, co-founder of the T-Short project, is a highly qualified programmer with PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML skills. He has over 15 years of experience in developing Web applications with different architectures and solutions. Currently he is working on Javascript projects - both Frontend and Backend.