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Original title of the film: Corpseland
Country of origin: France
Year of origin: 2020
Duration: 6:35
Age Restriction: 12+


Name/Title: Yang LIU


Director: Yang LIU
Script: Yang LIU
Designer: Yang LIU
Animation: Yang LIU
Camera: Yang LIU
Music: Yang LIU
Sound: Yang LIU
Editing: Yang LIU
Computer graphics: Yang LIU
Producer: Yang LIU


Experimental, Abstract, Surrealism, Artistic, Black Humor, Tragicomedy, Tragedy, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure


2D/Traditional, 2D Computer, 3D Computer, Stop-motion, Pencil on Paper, Animated Objects


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Yang LIU


Co⁣rpseland is an amusement park that has been used for the purpose of teaching and indoctrinating children to grow up as adults to serve a dysfunctional, polluted and twisted society.

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2020 The BeBop Channel Content Festival
2020 TVCortos, Best of Latin America Short Film Festival
2020 Logozeitimpuls shortfilm special
2020 Flickfair on Demand Film Festival
2020 4th The HERITALES – International Heritage Film Festival
2020 5th MAKE ART NOT WAR Teaser Future Film Festival
2020 5th Minikino Film Week
2020 8th 60 Second Intl. Film Festival
2020 6th The Horror Movie Awards
2020 20th SHORTS-Trinationales Filmfestival Hochschule Offenburg
2020 7th Fashion Film Festival Milano
2020 35th Baghdad University International Film & TV Festival
2020 5th Chaniartoon – International Comic & Animation Festival
2020 10th Canlandıranlar Film Festival
2020 14th the Big Cartoon Festival
2020 19th UWPG Film Festival’s virtual Festival
2020 The International Film Festival with mobile devices
2020 The Rock And Metal International Film Festival RAMIFF
2020 Festival Internacional de Cine Austral
2020 Festival de Cinema de Alter do Chão
2020 12th International Inter University Short Film Festival
2020 11th Mobile International Film Festival
2020 17th accordi @ DISACCORDI – International Short Film Festival
2020 The Ionian Contemporary Animation Festival ICONA
2020 Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival
2020 New Generation Film Festival (NGFF), Belgrade, Serbia
2021 4th Cinevoyage International Film Festival
2021 7th Flame Firstcut Film Festival, Maharashtra, India
2021 27th Festival national du film d’animation de Rennes Métropole
2021 Les Mains Gauches – Queer Feminist Short Movies, Marseille, France

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