Regulations for Festival 2022

The regulations for T-Short Animated Film Online Festival 2022

The regulations for T-Short Animated Film Online Festival 2022


1. About Festival 2022

1.1. T-Short Animated Film Online Festival will take place from March 10th till March 27th 2022 at

1.2. The official languages of the Festival: English.

1.3. The Name of T-Short is a punT-Shirt is a well-known item of clothing and the word Short here means a short film.

Similarly, a project logo emphasizes a pun in the title – a film shaped like T-Shirt.

1.4. The T-Short festival doesn’t charge any Entry fees for participation in the festival. 

1.5. The films will be available for viewing only from March 10th till March 27th 2022 after registering on the festival website and purchasing a ticket to the festival. Each film can be viewed no more than three times. After the festival, films will be available for viewing, only with the permission of the copyright holders of the films.

1.6. The Founder of the T-Short: Marat Barsky - event organizer, founder and organizer of the BIMINI International Animated Film Festival (Riga, Latvia) that took place in 2003-2008 (

1.7. Co-founder of the T-Short project is Viktor Ovchinnikov - a highly qualified programmer with PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML skills. He has many years of experience in developing Web applications with different architectures and solutions. Currently he is working on Javascript projects - both Frontend and Backend.

2. The aims and concept of the Festival

2.1. The T-Short Festival is an annual screening of the best works in world animation.

2.2. The Festival encourages exchange of creative experience, search of new ideas, styles and technologies as well as the festival and the entire T-Short contributes to the popularization of author's animated films.

2.3. Another aim of the Festival is the introduction of young people into the world of professional animation of high artistic standards.

2.4. The festival will show only short films up to 25 minutes.

2.5. The festival will show the films not for children. T-Short doesn't target children's audience and doesn't allow movies or series that target only for children's audience.

2.6. The festival accepts the films for adult audience or for all family.

2.7. The festival is international and has no national awards.

2.8. The winners of the festival will be chosen by the Professional Jury, Spectators and T-Short Staff.

2.9. The Festival features the following film screenings: competition, out of competition and special programs.

2.10. The editorial board of the festival selects films for the festival themselves.

2.11. The Festival editors appoint a professional jury representing different countries.

2.12. The Participant winning in competitive program of the festival in nomination "Best Debut" becomes the member of jury of following festival.

2.13. The editorial staff of the Festival appoints the chairman of the international jury and ratifies the jury regulation.

2.14. The T-Short administration invites the winners of the festival to further cooperation, provides the winners with a free of charge PRO account from one year to five years and offers to place their films into the Gallery of the T-Short project.

3. Nominations and prizes

3.1. The films included in the Festival program are evaluated by the jury in accordance with the following nominations:

• Best of the Best

• Best Storyline film

• Best Bizarre animation

• Best Debut (student or debut films)

• Best Design

• Best Musical Motive

3.2. Awards:

• Main prize for each nomination

• Audience Choice Award

• T-Short Special Award

• Other prizes and awards

4. Film selection conditions

4.1. The selection committee selects films for the Festival program. The decisions of the selection committee are indisputable.

4.2. The Festival editors reserves the right to include films of high artistic value, that for outer reasons have not been submitted for selection in due time, into the Festival program.

4.3. Only films finished after January 1st, 2020 are accepted for selection.

4.4. Any completed animated film, made in any animation technique may take part in the competition screening.

4.5. The festival accepts only short films up to 25 minutes.

4.6. The festival accepts the films for adults or for all family.

4.9. The editors of the festival have the right to change the category of the film at their discretion.

4.10. The organizer of the Festival will inform on the results of the selection until February 10th, 2022

4.11. Anyone who has been selected by the selection committee for any of the festival programs receives free access to all festival programs.  

5. Film submitting

5.1. Films must be submitted in the following format:

Container: MP4

Video codec: H.264

Frame rate: 25 fps

Audio: AC3 or AAC

Bit rate:

720p (1280 x 720) up to 4500 Kbps

1080p (1920 x 1080) up to 8000 Kbps

Attention! Other formats are not supported!

5.2. The films must be either dubbed or embedded subtitles in English.

5.3 Dialogues for films in English should be sent via e-mail editor @ to the editor of the T-Short. Dialogues should be with the title of the film in English.

5.4. All the films must be submitted not later than January 10th, 2022 at or FilmFreeway or Festhome or Click for Festivals

5.5. The T-Short festival doesn’t charge any Entry fees for participation in the festival.  

6. General rules

6.1. The organizers of the Festival only resolve to screen the films on Festival programs.

6.2. Fragments of films (not more than 10% of the full length of the film or 3 min.) may be used in the advertising campaign of the Festival.

6.3. This regulation has been composed in English. In case of any uncertainties concerning the interpretation of the text the English version is determinant.

6.4. Participation in the T-Short festival involves complete approval of the rules and conditions stated in this regulation.

6.5. Issues that arise during the arrangement and the course of the Festival will be dealt with according to the laws of common sense.


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