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Country of origin: Korea, Republic of
Year of origin: 2020
Duration: 12:04
Age Restriction: 0+


Name/Title: PLOT studio


Director: SungBae Park
Script: YoungJun Gwon
Designer: GyeongSu Son
Animation: MyungHoon Joo
Camera: MyungHoon Joo
Music: SungBae Park
Sound: SungBae Park
Editing: YoungJun Gwon
Producer: SungBae Park


Comedy, Drama, Fairy tale, Adventure


3D Computer

You can fly!

Sungbae Park
Published on 26 Mar 2021 / In Storyline Films Out-of-competition


⁣⁣What was your father's dream? When I became a father, I was able to understand heart of my father who supported the child's dream.. This movie is an expression of my father's love.
There is an eagle living alone. One day, on the beach, an eagle that living alone picks up eggs. The moment you try to eat eggs, penguins are born. The eagle flies in surprise. The eagle, who came back to the nest awakened, was not so outrageous in this situation, while the penguin was so cute that he could not eat it.
Although it is inevitable to send the penguin back to the beach, one corner is uneasy to leave the penguin alone. The eagle brings the penguin back home and the two live together. There were difficulties, but little by little, they become a family. The eagle tries to be the father of the penguin. The penguin want to fly in the sky like his father, the eagle. Penguin practice flying in the sky every day. Penguins are helped by owl friends, but they cannot fly. The eagle who watched it is heartbroken. On the other hand, parents of owls living next door leave their homes for their children to become independent as their children grow. The eagle who watched it thinks a lot. The eagle disappears one day. The penguin left alone looks for his father, but looks lonely and exhausted and falls asleep. The black shadow surrounds the penguin and takes it away. Penguin in crisis. But in fact, the eagle that disappeared took the penguin.
They fly for a long time and arrive at the open sea where the sky is reflected. Until now, the eagle was looking for a sky where penguins could fly. And they flying together.

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ANIMAPHIX KIDS 2020 AWARDS / Best Shot AnimationBagheria
July 29, 2020
Best Shot Animation

2020 Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation AwardsTaipei
January 16, 2021
International Division / Special Mention

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SungBae Park is animation filmmaker and vfx supervisor. I liked movies since I was young, and after graduating from college I got a chance to enter vfx company and participate in many movies. He began to dream of becoming a movie director while pursuing a career as a vfx supervisor. Since 2015, he has established and operated a PLOT animation studio, making his first directorial debut, <You Can Fly> to deliver a message about his parents’ love for he cheers son's dream. Inspired by the agony of the youth of today, he is working on a feature animation film.

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