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Country of origin: Singapore
Year of origin: 2019
Duration: 6:19
Age Restriction: 0+


Name/Title: 3dsense Media School


Director: Teo Chia Kai
Designer: Concept Artist - Teo Chia Kai | Character Artist - Lilin Cattleya B, Melanie Thenedy | Environment Artist - Jarrel Chew, Jun Xian
Animation: Teo Chia Kai, Lilin Cattleya B, Melanie Thenedy, Jun Xian, Samuel Patternson Partin IV, Jarrel Chew, Louis Ng
Sound: Sound Design Preview - Jarrel Chew, Samuel Patternson Partin IV, Teo Chia Kai
Editing: Louis Ng, Jarrel Chew, Samuel Patterson Partin IV
Computer graphics: Rendering - Jun Xian, Jarrel Chew, Samuel Partin IV, Lilin Cattleya B, Teo Chia Kai, Melanie Thenedy | Compositing - Louis Ng, Jarrel Chew, Samuel Patterson Partin IV
Producer: Louis Ng


Comedy, Black Humor


2D Computer

What's the Hold Up?

Published on 22 Feb 2021 / In Student Films Out-of-competition


A young girl is caught in a difficult situation in the supermarket. Mom had tasked her to keep their spot in the queue as she leaves on a last minute shopping excursion. As the queue draws closer, as the cashier looms larger, Mom is still nowhere to be found. Based on real experiences shared by many in the supermarket, this film explores the pain and anxiety of inevitably causing pain to others, as well as the wisdom of letting it be in the face of unending trouble.

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Chia Kai is an artist from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Growing up with immersive interactive media, he daydreams of creating simple works and narratives. He would observe the mundane and overlay the fantastical, inspired by the distractions around him. He also longs to share such observations and hypotheses about the world to people around him, much to the chagrin of some. He loves to doodle, and occasionally dabbles in music making.

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