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Country of origin: Portugal
Year of origin: 2021
Duration: 2:00
Age Restriction: 12+


Name/Title: Hernando Urrutia


Director: Hernando Urrutia
Script: Hernando Urrutia
Sound: Hernando Urrutia
Producer: Hernando Urrutia




2D Computer, 3D Computer, Stop-motion, Photocopies, Rotoscope, Other

TRANSGRESSION - A Post-Human Vision



⁣It is the posthuman vision of transgression. Where different transgressions are placed in the way we visualise ourselves in environments from the digital field, as future conditions of the human being and its connection with interfaces. Allowing a look from the transgression of the frontiers between man/machine, time/space and life/death, with new ways of creating communication codes by forging new visualisations of the environment, as an artificial and virtual landscape. It is the accompaniment of each individual, which evidently leads to the process of identification and control of each being, which can become a means of censorship in the future, losing the autonomy and freedom of each individual.
Transgression of the field of laboratory creations, which endanger the lives of human beings, such as biological weapons that end up being just as lethal as physical weapons, such as bombs that end up killing without distinction, throwing death everywhere.
Transgression of beings created from biological and cybernetic experiments, such as computerised prostheses, where it is postulated that the biologically manipulated human body is altered to face the future "Underground" world, as a post-evolutionary strategy.

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Multidisciplinary Artist, Researcher, Designer, Curator, Composer, Filmmaker, University Lecturer and Cultural Manager. Portuguese nationality. PhD. in Digital Media-Art. University Professor in Multimedia and Arts Degree (Applied Informatics and Digital Video Technologies) University "Portucalense" - Porto, Portugal. Collaborating Researcher at CIAC - Centre for Arts and Communication Research. Visiting Researcher at M-ITI - Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute. Member of the International Scientific Committee (International Special Guest) at OVER THE REAL VIDEOART FESTIVAL - VI Edition (2021) Italy. Curator of the Pavilion "TRANSGRESSION art + technology" (Portugal) of the "5TH INTERNATIONAL EDITION OF THE WRONG BIENNALE – 2021-2022", in Spain. International Curator (Selection and Award Jury) of LANDSCAPE 2022 II Edition in Salermo, Italy. Founder, Director of the Project "FX DIGITAL ART- Digital Art Exhibition in Public Space ", Funchal- Portugal. Founder, Director, Producer and Curator of EXPERIMENTA - Audio-visual Transformation (International Video Art Exhibition) and "IMAGE PLAY - International Video Art Festival, in Portugal. President of the Direction of + Art Contemporary - Cultural Association.

Director of the projects: "+ Sound Art Project"; "olhAR-TE tocAR-TE"; "INexTERNO"; "DIGITAL Communication Processes"; "Urban Som"; " Punto Visual"; "Ha-Ser Contemporary Art Foundation"; "+ PROJECTION AC - Projection of Contemporary Art in Public Space"; "olhAR-TE MAPEA- MENTO"; "LINE - Art Project"; "Signo-Simbolo" and "+ Art Contemporary", Sound Research and Experimentation Group "Celacanto - Sound Art", among others. Founder, Director of the Project "MAD 01 - Digital Art Museum 01", Funchal - Portugal.

He has completed 124 post-graduate training courses. trainings and 3 artistic residencies. Curator in 31 artistic projects. He has received Awarded 240 Acknowledgements and 8 prizes, for his artistic work, especially in recent times for his research, video art, gif and digital art. He has been special guest in several Contemporary Art Salons. He has been special guest in several Contemporary Art Salon.

He began his artistic life in 1984 and has been exhibiting professionally since 1986, accumulating an artistic and academic career spanning 38 years, participating in several projects and more than 450 group exhibitions and 17 solo exhibitions in 39 countries.

He is represented in more than 220 important Public Collections in different Institutions, Foundations, Museums and Galleries and in more than 180 Private Collections in countries such as Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Scotland, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Taiwan, East Timor, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United States of America, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others.

Member of 30 International Experimental Film Groups in the United States of America, Albania, Spain, Brazil, among many other countries. He has given 31 lectures and several training workshops. He was invited for several years as Selection and Award Jury in Exhibitions, Competitions and Art Salons.

He devoted himself to teach for several years as a professor in several Universities. He has published several scientific articles at national and international level, including the scientific article "Multimedia Mural Projection in the Public Space: The Diffusion and Formation from the Urbe", which was included indexed (2019) for its importance in the WEB OF SCIENCE CORE COLLECTION of the WEB OF SCIENCE GROUP | Web of Science Author Connect, and Scientific Article "Contemporary art as a factor for knowledge generation from video", indexed (2021), in The ACM (ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY) PUBLISHING SYSTEM (TAPS), in the United States of America.

His scientific articles and publications have been referenced and cited in several scientific papers from different parts of the world, related to Art History, Digital Art; Video; Multimedia; Digital Media; Video Art; Post-digital configurations: art and technological culture; Cinema Theory; Image in Space: Cartography of contemporary production; Visual Literacy/Literacy; Between the receiver and technological art; Cultural Studies; Cultural Sociology; Transdisciplinarity; Interfaces; Urban Space; Design Theory; Cinema and Interdisciplinarity; Visual Studies and Public Art; Phonotropies: A Research Method from Aesthetic Experience; Latin American contemporary art; Digital Theory; Technology and new media: From education to cultural and consumption practices; Art, New Technologies and Communication: Phenomenology of contemporaneity; Hispanic-Electronic Studies; Arts; Experienced Researcher; Computer Graphics; On a lighter Internet; The power of the poor-light image; Art Education; The Imaginary; Social History; Educational Technology; Musicology; Critical Discourse; Visual and Cultural Studies; Methods in Cognitive Linguistics; Film Studies; Contemporary Art; Digital Media; Urban Studies; Digital Humanities; Glitch Art; among others.. He has 15 articles and 20 curatorial texts in print and another 26 articles on the web, which 3 are art reviews (art criticism).

Currently he is a contributor to the magazine "Fotografía en Movimiento" from Mexico City - Mexico; Contributor to the publication (Visual Arts Magazine) Zine Without - A Crow, from Wroclaw - Poland; Contributor to the publication (Art Magazine) "Cooltzine" from Cooltsalon and Urban Dwellers Collective, from Sofia - Bulgaria; Member of Art Connet (Berlin - Germany); Member of Artista Mundo (Mexico); Member of Red VADB - Organization Latin-American of Art Contemporary; Member of ARTEINFORMADO (Spain); Member of ARTRABBIT- Independent platform for digital art, contemporary art and visual culture (London - England); Member of FilmFreeway, Festhome, Shortfilmdepot, among others. Founder, Director, Coordinator and Member of several Cultural Projects.

His current artistic work covers several areas, with emphasis on video art, gif, video installation, digital art, installation, sound art and new narratives of electronic sound, in the context of technology and contemporary art.

In the area of research, he is particularly interested in developing: - The intervention of public space; - Visual projection in public spaces as a form of dissemination and expansion of thought; - Narratives as configurations of creation and action of knowledge in the areas of digital arts, from the public space; - Multimedia interventions where image and sound are transformed through the participants' own movement in the use of sensors, with the intervention of the public in their immersion and reverberation as a fundamental part of the project; - The democratization of knowledge and digital inclusion in the globalization of knowledge from the public space, means of transmission of contemporary thought in the confluence between technology and contemporary art; - Contemporary art as a factor for knowledge generation from video; - The democratization of knowledge and digital inclusion in the globalization of knowledge from the public space as a means of transmitting contemporary thought at the confluence of technology and contemporary art.

Throughout his career he has developed as a cultural facilitator, with special interest in cultural programming and its planning, in favour of the expansion of culture to the public, from the different entities of society. In his career as a cultural manager, his projects highlight the importance of culture as a dynamic element of cohesion and progress in societies.

He has been published in more than 150 books, magazines, newspapers and catalogues, as well as being interviewed occasions by television, radio and newspapers in the different countries through which he has passed. He has received recognition for his artistic work and for his support to Culture, especially to Contemporary Visual Arts.

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