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Original title of the film: Parches
Country of origin: Spain
Year of origin: 2021
Duration: 5:26
Age Restriction: 12+


Name/Title: ESDIP Animation Studio


Director: David Villarrubia Lorenzo
Script: David Villarrubia Lorenzo
Designer: Daniel Herrera
Animation: Paula Garrido Pablo Moñino Ubaldo Rivera Juan Ánghelo Pillaca David Villarrubia Rubén Querol Guillermo Bacariza Álvaro Rebollar Alberto García Norro
Camera: Daryl Ruiz Juan Francisco Pérez David Villarrubia
Music: Javier Colmen
Sound: Guney Tamer
Editing: Daryl Ruiz Juan Francisco Pérez David Villarrubia
Producer: Emilio Luján Canalejo


Fantasy, Horror


3D Computer


T-Short Festival
Published on 14 Nov 2021 / In Debut Films


⁣As every night, the little rag bear, Patches, waits for the child to be asleep to turn on the lights of the room. Because as almost everybody knows, the light drive away the Nightmares. But this time the Nightmare knows how to avoid the tricks of the old rag bear and neutralize them. ¿Will the bear save the child or finally we discover why all the children of the world sleep with a rag animal?

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DAVID VILLARRUBIA LORENZO Madrid 1967 Professional in advertising, illustration and graphic design since 1989. Diploma in Direction by Seventh Ars. Since 1989 he has been doing Storyboards for advertising and cinema: Renault, El Corte Inglés, La Casera, Tinto de Verano, Ministry of Health, among many others. Since 1999: Concepts for advertising events: Amena, Ballantine’s, Beefeater, Movistar, REE, ONCE ... He has done illustrations for books and magazines: Santillana, Oxford university Press, Hachette ... Since 2008 he has been teaching scriptwriting, shot narrative, After Effects, Motion Graphics and Storyboard classes at ESDIP and at the same time developing video editing, post-production and supervision of shorts at ESDIP. He has also supervised the pre-production development of some animation shorts at ESDIP such as DREAMLESS or ORIGAMI.

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