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Original title of the film: Betyárnóta
Country of origin: Hungary
Year of origin: 2022
Duration: 5:22
Age Restriction: 16+


Name/Title: Gergely Takács, Balázs Vér


Director: Dániel Csordás
Designer: Dániel Csordás
Animation: Tamás Leisz
Producer: Gergely Takács, Balázs Vér


Music video, Music film


2D Computer

Outlaw Song



⁣While creating the cover song, we have treated the original ‘Betyárnóta’ (eng: Outlaw Song) of the Muzsikás Ensemble with great respect. Both the cover song and the video clip are meant to convey that the relevance of the song – which takes us back to the world of the 19th century outlaws – is truly eternal. As long as oppressors and oppressed people exist, it holds a mirror up to the system in every age, regardless of the year. We already had among our first concepts an animated visual world, but the concept was finally made real for us by the brilliant comic book artist and illustrator Dániel Csordás. His powerful, unmistakable characters, surprising dramaturgical solutions and pop-cultural references not only give Betyárnóta a visual accompaniment, but we are convinced that they also raise the musical material to a higher level.

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Dániel CSORDÁS (b. 1976)
Comic book artist, illustrator, storyboard artist lives in Budapest, Hungary. He works as a freelancer with a range of clients including advertising agencies, book publishers and animation filmmakers. He won the prize of the Hungarian Comics Association five times for his autobiographical comicblog. Nowadays he works on a Beastie Boys comic biography and a comic book of selected Hungarian poems. As a side project he has a dream diary, drawing his dreams on Instagram. He teaches comic book art at the Budapest Metropolitan University.

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