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Country of origin: Italy
Year of origin: 2021
Duration: 4:04
Age Restriction: 12+


Name/Title: Cirkus Vogler, Luca Swanz Andriolo


Director: Cirkus Vogler
Script: Luca Swanz Andriolo
Music: Swanz The Lonely Cat & amp, Robert Tremster
Producer: Cirkus Vogler, Luca Swanz Andriolo


Music video



My soul's black book

T-Short Festival
Published on 27 Nov 2021 / In Musical Panorama


⁣Swanz The Lonely Cat – My Soul’s Blackbook (by Cirkusvogler)
A black and white stop-motion short movie – not properly a music video – of visions, made up with pictures, collage mixed media and hand-made interventions on photographs and paper.
There is not a proper plot, but a music related series of images, like a symbolic glimpse into a dreamer’s mind. The title refers to fears and places to avoid, as to the dreamer’s subconscious.
Every eye is a hole, every hole is a moon. A clock pays a little homage to Sarah Kane. Branches and weeds are taking over the house.
The song is about dreams of memories and memories of dreams at the break of day, when
everything seems to be broken already.
Electronics, samplings, musique concrète, banjo and voice in a folknoir experiment.
Music and images tell a story of loss and awakening.


My Soul’s Black-Book

In the early morning sleep dreams and memories float on my breath
Noises and voices from a new day, trembling as life and cold as death
I see different rooms and days merging together in the same place
Tracks and traces, and both love and hate for a never forgotten face
I recall the street, the hallway and the stairs I’ll never climb again
I feel a past joy, a goodbye, a lost love and a present pain
Here it comes, on the surface of my mind, something that makes me shiver
Oh, I pity my heart, my hands, my knees and even my liver
I pity my bones, I remember her spine, which she used as a hook
And it’s all just dirty crazy pages in my soul’s black-book.
In the dream I was walking home and the road ended in a huge hole
I couldn’t help but look into it long enough to lose control
I have to wipe this vision from my eyes and push it out of my head.
I’m awake now, keeping the dead alive and some living way dead.
I don’t want to remember, I don’t dare to forget
I don’t dare, I should not care,
I am aware… I light a cigarette.
The morning’s in the yard and in the center of it, amongst the plain concrete
A flower is blooming, like a bless or a cancer, and I feel my heartbeat.

And I feel my heartbeat.
And I feel my heartbeat.
And I feel
My heartbeat.

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Cirkusvogler is a multimedia artist, working with both analog and digital photography. Lately her work has been focused on collage techniques and painting on original pictures, as well as found and selected ones.

Swanz The Lonely Cat, also frontman of Dead Cat in a Bag, is an “unconventional folk” singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

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