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Country of origin: Italy
Year of origin: 2021
Duration: 1:59
Age Restriction: 6+


Name/Title: Studio Croma animation


Director: Arianna Gheller, Matteo Burani
Script: Matteo Burani, Hector Bienvenu
Designer: Gianmarco Valentino
Animation: Arianna Gheller
Camera: Guglielmo Trautvetter, Corrado Zito
Music: Federico Solazzo, Josephine van Schaik
Producer: Studio Croma animation


Music film


Stop-motion, Puppets

Hypno Tidoo

T-Short Festival
Published on 30 Dec 2021 / In Musical Motives


⁣In a golden, reassuring and muffled clearing, a young child explores the wonders of the landscape with his teddy bear until a frightening storm arrives, which threatens their serenity. The child will have to gather all his willpower to drive away the terrible black monster amongst the clouds with the strength of his imagination. The brave teddy bear casts a spell and dissolves the threatening clouds to protect his friend. Thanks to him everything returns to normality.
The bear shows a final gesture of love by letting the child believe he defeated the monster of the storm so that the boy may believe in himself.

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Studio Croma animation is an italian animation studio specialized in the production of cinematographic projects and audio video works using the stop motion technique for the purposes of advertising and the web. The creative process that distinguishes its products is a perfect mix of handcrafted techniques of construction, technology, and digital works.
After years of experience and numerous film productions, important collaborations and the high level of execution confirmed by the recognized awards (such as "Nastri d'Argento", "David di Donatello" for Italy or the special nomination Industry excellence award at the Manchester Animation Festival and the winning award at Stop Motion Mexico) it becomes a company in 2021 founded by Arianna Gheller CEO (art director, puppet maker, animator, post-producer) and Matteo Burani (character designer, puppet. Thanks to its ten-year experience in the field and its detailed focused crew, Studio Croma earned a place of honor among experts in the field on both national and international territories.

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