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Country of origin: United States
Year of origin: 2020
Duration: 2:36
Age Restriction: 0+


Name/Title: Solomon Carreiro / Student / Woodbury University


Director: Solomon Carreiro
Script: Solomon Carreiro
Designer: Solomon Carreiro
Animation: Solomon Carreiro
Camera: Solomon Carreiro
Music: Solomon Carreiro
Sound: Solomon Carreiro
Editing: Solomon Carreiro
Computer graphics: Solomon Carreiro
Producer: Solomon Carreiro


Abstract, Artistic, Philosophical


2D Computer


Solomon Carreiro
Published on 02 Feb 2021 / In Student Films Out-of-competition


⁣⁣Gomika is a lonely bot living in a world that is all about having a purpose,
but Gomika being this little outsider does not. It tries to fit in but doesn't know how, so it tries to help but isn't built for that and just gets in the way.

⁣Each music instrument represents a different character, Gomika is the acoustic guitar, the worker bots are the Bassoon, and the Cello is the Boss bot.

⁣This started out as an animated VR Film, but issues with hardware at the school made it nearly impossible. I then switched to stop motion, but when the COVID19 lock down happened in late March I had to ditch that. I didn't have the space needed for the large sets I built. I had to switch to 2D with very little time. Using limited animation in key areas was pivotal in completing the film on time at the semesters end. You can see these various test shots in the closing credits.

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Lift-off Global Network Showcase Online Extravaganza 2020, Overmountain Animation Festival 2020, 2020 Catalina Film Festival, South Film and Arts Academy Festival 2020, SWAN Film Festival 2020, Lift-off Global Network New year Extravaganza 2021.

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Solomon Carreiro was born in MA, is a first generation American from by way of Portuguese and Brazilian immigrants. After working retail jobs for 15 years, Solomon made his way to LA to finish his undergraduate degree in Animation from Woodbury University in 2020.

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