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Country of origin: Turkey
Year of origin: 2021
Duration: 7:10
Age Restriction: 6+


Name/Title: Serdar Camlica


Director: Serdar Camlica
Script: Serdar Camlica
Designer: Serdar Camlica
Computer graphics: Serdar Camlica
Producer: Serdar Camlica


Experimental, Abstract


3D Computer

Fractal Forest

T-Short Festival
Published on 20 Nov 2021 / In Bizarre animation


⁣Psychedelic Journey Through the Fractal Forest.

Use technology and wisdom
to create art, beauty, music and peace
to discover yourself
and to protect nature

Not to Destroy !

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Born in 1971 in Munich, he started study the piano at an early age then writing algorithmic graphics and sound programs with his first computer in 1981. From 1989 to 1994 Camlica studied at the Faculty of Architecture at M.S.Ü where he performed at many shows and concerts.

After 1994, while working as architectural 3d visualization and design professional, he started to make surreal 3d and digital art works. Due to the international recognition and interest he received with his digital artworks, videos and musical compositions, in 1998 he established the website to deliver his art to larger audience across the world. Subsequently, the website was chosen as the Art and Design Site of the Year by many organizations. In a short period of time the number of visits to increased and, according to Alexa rankings for website traffic statistics, it was eventually listed at first place in the category of 'Computer Graphics Artist' websites.

Serdar Camlica's works 'The Doors' and 'Rising' were published in the International Digital Art Awards (IDAA) 2003 exhibitions and publications; organized by Melbourne Art Academy. His works were one of the first ones published in the early Digital Art literature. His work 'Atlantis' won the second prize at the 11th Digital Art / Photo Contest held in Japan in 2004. Afterwards, his works and biography were exhibited at MOCA (Museum of Computer Art).

He was among the 12 digital artists invited by curator Andrew McGivern for his themed exhibition 'Electric Paint - The Computer as 21st Century Canvas' at the Woodson Art Museum, Wisconsin. The exhibition, which opened in Wisconsin during the summer of 2006, then spread out to reach many different cities, states and art lovers across the United States as a traveling exhibition.

His first short animated film 'Awaken - The Mind Travel', composed of video art works and his own music, won the "2006 Animation Award of the Year" at DigiFest in Florence. The second short animated film 'Fractal Chronology of 3Dfiction' consisting of a collection of Fractal animations was released at the 2011 IF Istanbul Independent Film Festival in the category of 'Baska Kafalar (Other Heads)'. More recently, his fractal work received the 'Stellar Art' award at 2014 Digital Arts California.

Currently, Camlica resides in Bodrum / Turkey and continues to work on fractal geometry, surreal 3d, animation and sound installations. He also teaches architectural 3d modeling and design.

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