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Country of origin: Singapore
Year of origin: 2019
Duration: 6:15
Age Restriction: 0+


Name/Title: 3dsense Media School


Director: Paul Ng
Designer: Concept Artists - Virginie Eudeline, Wong Zi Heng, Jonathan Chee | Character Artist - Jenna Ong, Felicia | Environment Artist - Ranganath V | Graphic Design - Jenna Ong, Audrey Bako
Animation: Albert Liemington, Ashley Lim, Audrey Bako, Paul Ng, Virginie Eudeline, Wong Zi Heng, Jonathan Chee
Music: Dreamers Of The Day by Serge Narcissoff
Sound: Sound Effects & Mixing - Kenn Tay | Music Composer - Lee Jin Jun
Computer graphics: Elsha Hong, Paul Ng, Ranganath V, Felicia
Producer: Louis Ng


Comedy, Drama, Action


3D Computer

Caught Off Guard

Published on 22 Feb 2021 / In Student Films Out-of-competition


Middle-aged and rotund, Richard the security guard has a gerat love for ballet. It compels him to steal every fleeting opportunity to dance, only to be constantly interrupted by his boss. Yet the spotlight beckons, and Richard decides to take the stage in a life-changing moment...

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Paul is a Singaporean engineer turned artist who dreams of bringing characters and worlds to life through compelling stories and animation. When he is not directing or animating, Paul loves to draw, play computer games and board games, and play the clarinet. Inspired by the animated movies of Disney, Dreamworks, and Studio Ghibli, he hopes that he too can one day create something new, exciting, and original that can touch the hearts of the audiences all over the world. Paul attempted ballet whilst doing animation reference for "Caught Off Guard", but he was not good at it.

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