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Original title of the film: Baloon
Country of origin: Croatia (Hrvatska)
Year of origin: 2020
Duration: 3:20
Age Restriction: 0+


Name/Title: VERN' University


Director: Dina Uglešić
Script: Dina Uglešić
Animation: Anja Mitrović, Marija Ljubičić
Music: Antonio David Perina
Sound: Milan Guzijan
Editing: Dina Uglešić
Producer: Dina Uglešić


Comedy, Tragicomedy, Love story, Adventure


2D Computer


Dina Uglešić
Published on 12 Feb 2021 / In Student Films Out-of-competition


⁣Story follows Ball 1 who has finally been given the opportunity to fulfill his life mission - to have someone play with it. The first day of his "job" ends fatally, the first kick sends him into something unexpected, he ends up on the roof, then in the pipes and finally in the dark and gloomy school basement. He only gets a little time to come to his senses and even realize what happened in the last few seconds. Immediately after, a new unexpected turn follows, while scanning the room he stumbles upon Ball 2. We find out what is the history behind their acquaintanceship, and Ball 1 quickly redirects to a single action - bringing Ball 2 back to life.

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Born in Zadar, Croatia on November 11, 1998. After graduating from the Vladimir Nazor High School in Zadar, she enrolled in undergraduate study of Film, TV and multimedia design at the VERN University, from where she graduated in 2020. So far, she has participated in numerous productions of short films and Baloon is her debut short film. She is a member of the informal film collective CEFGI. Since 2020, she has been working as a production assistant in the production studios Studio Dim and Pom Pom Film.

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